Question about getting addicted to pills

Discussion in 'General' started by modern-hippy, May 21, 2006.

  1. Ok so I took some morphine a while back when i had a migraine and muscle pain and i enjoyed it. two nights ago I was on Hydrocodone, which is basically a generic version of vicodine, and last night I was on Skelaxin, a muscle relaxant/pain reliever that i really liked... had a nice body high. So heres the deal... I wana do another skelaxin tonight but I'm worried about possibly getting addicted since today would make day 3 in a row. What do you all think? should i kick it on the meds for a while? or will i be ok unless i really start getting in to it a lot more
  2. I might be mistaken but i think skleaxin (metaxalone) is a benzo and not an opiate like hydrocodone. That said even if it was i dont think youd have much to worry about addiction from three days in a row. So have fun pop'n your pills!
  3. Skellaxin doesnt work for me. I don't fuck around with pills anyway.
  4. Skelaxin is bullshit dude. It doesn't do anything. You go to the doctor and say "ow my foot" and Skelaxin.
  5. mabey you should take one or 2 more then... i took 2 1/2 skelaxans and my muscles felt really nice and sort of tingily, like the way you feel when you curl up in bed after a long hard day and your just super comfertable right beforwe you go to sleep. My body had the best body high I've ever had except for when i was on opium. It'll also make you uncorridanted and stumble around a little bit, and a little bit foggy, but definatly no where near as foggy as the hydro or anything else... this is much more clear headed which is why people say it doesnt do anything. they just have to sit back and stop expecting quite so much.
  6. Last week I did an adderall experiement, I was on it for 3 days straight, the 4th day I just smoked a couple bowls, and was fine. And its much easier to get addicted to pills if you can easily get them on a regular basis. I bet when your RX runs out, you wont have much trouble dealing with it.

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