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  1. Hey, quick question. Keep in mind I know NOTHING about growing, and don't really plan to get into it right now, just a quick visit to this section, with a casual question.

    Let's say I buy some White Rhino seeds, and assuming they're grown properly and perfectly, how much, in common measurements, will:

    (Sea of Green on one m2) : 350-450

    Equal out too? Like, how many ounces?
  2. well just do the math theres 28 grams in an ounce and they say ull get 350 to 450 so if grown properly ull get around 14 ounce but i think they mean all ten seeds together cuz ud normally get between 2.5 to 4 oz per plant
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    Didn't know for sure what they meant, since they didn't specify. Guess it was kind of obvious, so thanks again!

    Damn...that's insane. You can turn $40 into $4000+ in...two months or so? Wow.
  4. it means that for every square meter (about a 3 foot x 3 foot square, slightly more) of plant you grow, you will yield about 400 g, or about 14 ounces. however that is granted good growing conditions and a proper harvest. if its your first grow, stop hoping right now because your chances are slim. you could probably yield a good 50-100g if its an outdoor first grow though

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