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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by jonzy, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hi guys question, i'm bit of a novice grower and got my first hydro setup. I've got my pH sorted now but bit unsure about EC. I've got an EC meter but i'm a bit confused how to get my EC right. To bring it down do i just add more water to dilute it? and to increase my EC do i just add more nutrient?

    I've got 4 indica's (nightshade) on the go, anyone got an idea what the optimum EC is for the plants? Is it between 1.6/1.9?. I get the impression from watchin vid's that your EC needs to be pretty specific.

    I've also got some condensation in my grow tent (it's cold where i live) will this be sorted out once i rig my carbon filter and extractor up?
  2. EC is essentially the same as TDS (well, TDS is based on EC, but lets not get into that now) and it is a measure of the electrical conductivity of the water. Since water with salts has a higher conductivity, your water will have a higher EC when it has nutrients in it. So, yes, you would dilute your nutrients with pure water to bring EC down, or add more to bring EC up.

    Side point:
    I am really surprised sometimes at the lack of research and basic knowledge many of the 'growers' have on this site about the very basic basic things involved in this hobby. Things such as what your EC and pH meters are reading and what those readings mean.
  3. yeah cheers mate that didn't really help, try offering some decent advice so us novices can get a better crop, you must have a huge cerebrum, tit.....

  4. Yes to bring the EC down you do dilute the soloution with water, but then the Ph levels are going to rise so once you have adjusted the EC level, adjust the PH levels after.

    How old are your plants? I can tell you a rough EC level your plants should be on...Put a pic up

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