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Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. does it show up in your piss? i've got a drug test on monday and i dont know if it will show up as anything.
  2. say you had a sore throat and drank robitussin..
  3. yeah.. still they said they cheaked for 6 differenct substances, do you guys think that would be one of the six?

    they could take it to the lab and see how much i took, if they would be bothered :"
  4. dextromethorphan is a legal substance. i highly doubt they would waste time checking for it.
  5. yeah thats what i was thinking, i just know its a 6 panel test, and i just popped 16 of those hoes lol got a test on monday
  6. i'm not sure how long dxm stays in the body either. my assumption is that it probably only stays in your body 1-2 days after consumption.
  7. Maybe if they could detect HIGH ammounts of it then it could be a problem.
  8. i just got this off of erowid:

    Q: In February I was given what I was told was Dextrum, I was later told that it was a much higher concentrated form of DXM. I was at a Ska Fest and had to call my friend to come and make sure that I was ok. I was not able to walk without hanging onto him. I believe at this point I was on the second plateau. It was later decided that I couldn't be in public anymore and they took me back to their house where I smoked 2 bowls of pot. Since I smoke frequently 2 bowls don't usually affect me, but they took the effects of the Dextrum to the 4th plateau or so I believe. It was the most intence incredible feeling of my life. I lost my memory about every ten minutes and I don't remember much but I do remember my friend asking me many times if I needed to go to the hospital, somehow, I knew I was fine. My questions are as follows: how are Dextrum and DXM related, will it show up on a drug test, and how can I obtain the same effect by taking in cough syrup form (in other words, how much) i've been researching for months to find out the answers to these questions but haven't found anything on Dextrum. I would really appriciate it if you could help me find out about the drug that I absolutely fell in love with.


    A: Dextromethorphan is most frequently found in the form of liquid cough syrup. These come in various concentrations, as well as some with other pharmaceuticals (when using cough syrup, check to make sure DXM is the only active ingredient and that there's no guaifenesin or acetaminophen).

    I haven't heard anyone use the name 'Dextrum' before...nor have I heard of a brand called 'Dextrum'. If the substance you took was a powder, then it was most likely powdered dextromethorphan. This would fit with the comment that it was a 'higher concentration form of DXM'.

    DXM is not specifically tested for in drug tests, but there is speculation that it could trigger the pcp test which is standard.

    It sounds like you've already read up on DXM experiences and guessed what level you were at. The DXM FAQ is a good resource for specific information about DXM use.

  9. It's legal dude, no worries.
  10. yteah i poppeed 16 of those yesterday, im still high as hell atm lol, just stressin
  11. you're taking triple c? Bad shit dude. I personally never had bad shit happen with them (except puking after prolonged use) but i'd say get some max strength robo and do the Agent Lemon Extraction (use google) and just do pure dxm.
  12. yeah i puked a bit, but everything seems cool now. TBH i didn't enjoy it too much, doubt i'll fuck with the shit again
  13. Trust me, your fine.

    That's why people always do DXM and shit when on probation/DT's.

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