question about drinking your own pee

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  1. sorry i didn't know where else to put this but i am thinking of starting to drink a small cup of my own urine every morning for the health benifits. (it really boosts your immune system so dont tell me im a sick freak or anything)

    but what i was really wondering is if i have thc in my system and i drink my piss, will it take longer for my body to get rid of the thc since im drinking it back into my body
  2. LOL? Seriously? there are NO health benefits in drinking urine HAHAH.
  3. There's a moron born every minute. :rolleyes:
  4. Um.... Probably.
  5. i have no idea, but do you actually expect a serious answer to this question?
  6. I drink my own urine because its STERILE and it tastes good...that should answer your question, it will not remain in your system longer
  7. Have you researched it?


    I watch a lot of Man V. Wild, and he did do this multiple times, but only as a last resort. He drank it immediatly after it came out, or else it would be horrible to drink and make you horribly sick.
    I'm not sure about your actual question, Just... if your gunna do it....

    Make sure you do it fast.

    (Try peeing straight up into your mouth. :yummy: )

  8. Drink a V8 or a big glass of orange juice. You are never going to notice the benefits of your piss.
  9. Why don't you just take a Vitamin-C Supplement? and other vitamins and stuff?

    Gulp down a raw egg every morning. I don't know, man, there must be some alternatives to drinking your own piss..
  10. THAT is a COMPLETELY different situation. He doesn't drink his urine for health benefits, he drinks it so his body has fluids, albeit CONTAMINATED fluids. Sure the basis for urine is water but there is ammonia in urine as well.

    It makes NO logical sense to even drink piss unless it's a sexual act...then it's kinda hot, but other than that, JUST SAY NO.

    And actually he didn't drink it immediately, he saved it and walked until he needed a drink. I own every season :). He pissed in snake skin.
  11. :eek:

  12. yeah dude thats fucking retarded
  13. Had to stick shock factor in there somewhere XD.
  14. You're a sick freak man.
  15. To heck with just drinking pee for health benefits, think outside the box. Your own turds make a wonderful all natural toothpaste. I would recommend eating some food with sesame seeds before though as once passed they will serve as a non-toxic abrasive to help break up plaque. Your breath with be freshened and your teeth will thank you. Remember number 2 is twice as good as number 1.
  16. Brush my teeth with shit, rinse out with piss.

    Every morning. Sometimes even before I go to bed, too.

    Very refreshing, gives you that "Ah!" acidic-gooey feeling of human excrements in your mouth.

    And then I vomit several times in the toilet bowl.
  17. Hey,me too.And if I'm really feelin good,I drink the vomit outta the toilet too.
  18. What the fuck, man. What kind of sick fuck are you? :eek:
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    Did you know that you can estimate how much glucose is being spilled into a poorly controled diabetic's urine by taste? No, wait, that is drinking someone else's urine....(we had to do this in school, BTW)

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