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  1. I have read of alot of ways to drain and fill the bubble buckets and the solution that fits my needs the best would be having a pump do the work instead of gravity. I have read alot of people say you aqurium or pond pumps. The problem i am running into is most of the pumps say they are submersible. Seems like alot of people are using the EcoPlus 185 water pump. Some websites do say it can be run inline. Does anybody have any expirence with this, or maybe point me in the right direction? I want to be able to connect a drain hose to the bucket, drain it into a empty bucket, and refill bubble bucket with nutes again with out having to stick a pump into the bubble bucket.
  2. [​IMG]

    assume this is your Bubble bucket...

    see how this sight tube is open ended at the top with a small plastic clip holding it in place?(its not needed by the way)

    when you wanna drain you simply lean the sight tube down with a inline pump(12 dollars at any hydro store) and once the water hits the pump you just plug it in and the Bubble Bucket will empty

    the best way to cut plastic is to use one of these

    unless you have one, borrow one or get one from this site... its mega cheap.. mine was like fifty bucks

    it de-burrs the hole while it cuts... then you just put in your grommet and stick in your fitting.... you will never have one leak doing this
  3. Mag Drive Utility Pump - 250 GPH [728065] - $59.96 : The Hydro Source - Hydroponics Experts, Leaders in Environmentally Friendly Hydroponics

    oh, forgot to mention... you gotta use a mag pump... not the submersible pump you have pictured to do it the way I described...

    the link is just so you get a idea of what im talking about, I've seen them for like 20 bucks some place... too tired to look

    but the idea is to not put the pump into the water, unless you have to... submersible pumps create heat, and you will either have to leave the pump in all the time, or put it in there to pump the water out.... either way... my way is better...(the mag pump is also submersible)

    unless you have a controller bucket... then the submersible pump might be easier
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    I might have to go to my local (an hour away lol) hydro store and see what they have, because i have been finding mostly submersible pumps for $15. I love that bit you listed, i almost bought one the other day but your right they are expensive but worth it. If i had room for a dang reservoir i wouldnt have a problem, but your right about not putting the pump in the one bucket. This is what i dont quite understand about the EcoPlus pumps, some websites say they are inline like this link but others only say submersible. I might check ebay to, because the pump isnt crucial but would be a huge benefit. Thank you so much for chiming in

    EDIT: ill be doing a replica to Rumples bucket, so ill have a drain spout which should make things alitte easier.
  5. Do you think something like this would work. [ame=""]Link[/ame]
  6. Might work....looks like it could

    Ill stay looking for a cheaper mag pump
  7. Yeah it looks like it should work, but preferably i would like a good mag drive. I might break down and spend 50 dollars. I appreciate your time most definitely

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