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  1. Hello boys, I'm trying to grow a couple of plants for first time ever.

    My simple question is, does direct sunlight/under a tree shadow affect the plant?

    I've found a "perfect" spot in my backyard, but its under a tree, the reason why its perfect is because its hidden and completely dark during night time. but it doesn't get direct sunlight apart from 1h or so.

    The other spots isn't that completely dark at night, it gets light from a lamp, barely tho. its like 20m away from the lamp that lights the backyard.

    So those two are my questions, should i leave it under direct sunlight / does a lamp light affects it during night (its far, and barely hits the plant, but isn't completely dark which i guess affects it)
  2. Cannabis requires more light than a lot of other plants. Flowering requires darkness, if you can read a children's book next to the plant at night, it's too bright.
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  3. Cannabis flowered in shade and limited direct sun will still produce but the buds will be open and very fluffy. Low harvest weight.

    It takes about 3x the moons intensity or more at night to hold cannabis in veg or reveg it from flower. The trigger point is 14.5.
    At 14 it flowers. At 15 it is in veg.
    I've had veg plants under lights 20 feet (6 meters) from flowering plants without issues.


    Current off season veg stage plants. I'll keep the lights on until Jan 1st I think. They are about 6 inches taller in just the last week from this photo.

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  4. my outdoor plants only get 4 hours of direct sunlight per day and are then shaded the rest of the day. Have no problem pulling 1-2lbs per plant, genetic specific.
  5. you will be doing the plant and the weed quality a boost by giving the plant as much light as you dare
    Id put a shed in that spot, with a light inside perhaps,
    when the sun is on the shed you don't need the light


    ps or remove the tree replace with small apple etc?
  6. Where I live in Northern California we have no problem with intense sunlight. The guys who grow to produce dense flower grow in direct sunlight. The guys who grow for concentrates grow under shade cloth because the flowers are much less dense so they're easier to use for the extraction process. The shaded buds seem to produce a lot more trichomes than the full sunshine buds too, but there is no real.diffeence in potency. The potency is directly related to genetics.
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  7. You could also try thinning the branches on the tree you want to grow under. Give the tree a good haircut and you'll drastically increase your light. If you haven't limbed and thinned trees before there are plenty of youtube videos that show you how without making it look like a total hack job.
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  8. bill707 got a good idea there, for your own piece of mind have a tree monkey come out and prune your tree, it will love you for it and even when your done growing there for the season the tree will thrive , i dont suggest you doing the pruning if your not experienced at it, first plan of action is take every limb off that isnt pointing at the sun or at a 45 degree angle to the sun, all others come off, dont prune any of the main trunk and up, just side limbs, thats why i say hire a tree monkey, they have all the ropes and experience to do the job right and most off safely , take my word that if it cost you a couple hundred buck to have it pruned is cheaper than a run to emergency room and a life full, of pain , i know this from falling 30 foot out of a pine tree and landing on my back with a 30 cal carbine strapped to my back , that was just from climbing up with no issues in a climbing stand and falling down trying to come back down the tree from a day of hunting, if you dont stick them climbing stands just right into the trip down it is a quick trip down.

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