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  1. I need some help getting over my withdrawal after 2 years of heavy daily use. I've been cold turkey for 36 days and I still have occasional headaches and fierce brain fog, which is what I'm trying to get rid of above all else. I'm taking magnesium, fish oil, niacin/multivitamins, and turmeric (curcumin).

    I picked up a 20:1 cbd to thc tincture today because I've heard that cbd can help with the brain fog and accelerate the detox. My worry is that even the small amount of thc in the tincture will postpone my recovery or prevent the rest of the thc from flushing out of my system, even when it's heavily counterbalanced by a superior amount of cbd.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I need to kill this brain fog and become a real person again.

    Much love
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  2. definitely know what you mean about becoming "a real person again." best of luck man.

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    Other than the long term effects of smoking, there isn't really any long term side effects.

    At a little over a month I imagine the bulk of the THC has been removed from your body. I find it unlikely it (the THC) is causing you any issues.

    Headaches are likely attributed to the stimulant aspect of THC, which you are no longer getting. Try some coffee or other caffeine product to help with the headaches.The CBD might also help.

    As far as the "head fog" I get that the day after heavy smoking/dabbing, but it doesn't usually last more than a day. I suspect it's more related to the change in your sleep habits/quality of sleep since you've quit. Try taking Melatonin if you suspect your sleep quality is suffering (you can find it anywhere they sell a lot of vitamins, GNC, Walmart, most grocery stores, etc) A sub-par sleep cycle is far worse on your overall health and mental well being than pot could ever be.
  4. 36 days? Hmmmmmm.... I'm thinking this is in no way attributed to ganja. You might go see a health care professional and tell them how you feel. It could be there is a health problem you're unaware of that ganja was helping you with.
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  5. Yes go see a doctor. As a nurse who smoked dro all day everyday for 2 years straight. (I am now 76 days clean) I too had the same issues. How old are you? Have you had your blood pressure checked? Weed relaxes us and we don't really feel symptoms as we should because to me weed is a medicine. It helps with all sorts of things. I'd go see a doctor and just be straight up with them. If you can't then try to see a different doctor and at least get their opinion.

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