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question about dealers in London

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheDonUK, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    Basically I've started buying in bigger amounts recently in order to save money over longer periods of time, however im starting to speculate whether I'm actually saving money.
    I see people who live in england talking about quarters costing around £50, and half Oz's costing around £100 for them, but I just asked a few of my dealers what they're prices were, and some said they dont even sell in those amounts, and if they did, it would be around £150 for a half Oz or around £80/90 for a quarter, which is ridiuculous! My question is, how do you guys go about finding dealers in London, or wherever you may live, that sell in higher quantities, like Oz's, because its ridiculous for me to pay this much for a half Oz or a quarter!
    And do you think I should start growing in order to save myself a bundle of cash? I have limited space to grow, however, and would need it to be extremely stealthy, because I still live with my parents who are against any type of drug completely.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Lool in London we don't even get full 'eighths' that's y it's so much more expensive buyin an oz cuz if u say u want an oz ur paying for the full amount n that's wat Ule get
    Soo yeah u get me?
  3. £10 a gram, £20 eighth, £40 quarter, up to £160 for an ounce... not sure about halfs or any more than an ounce. This is Portsmouth prices.
  4. yh i hear ya, but still, £150 for a half? Thats way too much
  5. That's so much better than what i'm gettin atm, and i have quite a few people i'm able to get from but it seems that they all sell at max eighths at a time, which is shit. If i want summin bigger im gonna have to find someone, and thats a loooong diffiucult process :(
  6. In nottingham I pay £45 a quarter £90 half and 170 - 180 an oz. People dont really bump the prices up for bigger amounts but for some high grade you might find 180 - 200 an oz.
  7. I don't live in London so I can't comment on your local market, but in general terms, all you need to do is find someone who is a "dealer" and not a middle man. (well, really, you need to start growing your own so you can enjoy some of the awesome genetics out there in the UK, but that's another story.) Those folks will have a constant supply and consistent prices to keep up with a constant demand for product. Keep in mind, however, that folks who call themselves "dealers" are typically idiots who are well on their way to being busted. Always go for older folks as they consistently have the best quality and the lowest prices. Dealing with college/high school (god forbid) aged kids is a surefire way to get ripped and/or eventually busted. Best of luck...
  8. If ur dealer doesnt deal halfs and o's because its too much, you have a really small time dealer. Id try to find someone new asap, Sounds like ur getting middlemanned.

  9. Yeah Maby around the 120 marks bout right idk I buy quaters
  10. Cheers everyone, i will say that they do seem like middlemen and they are all quite young, so you are all about right on that one, it seems that i need to go about asking around for someone else, I'll probably start a really small time micro grow to keep my own stash, but in the mean time i'll find someone else who isnt a middleman, hopefully :rolleyes:
  11. #11 Zewz, Jun 19, 2011
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    Where in Notts are ya?
  12. Its just the way it is nowadays, everyone wants to make as much as they can from as little as they can
  13. Find old school dealers, the majority of them do 3.5 on £25 eighths. If you can find a 40 year old stoner, you'll be in luck :D
  14. if you can't find better deals that that in London... well :rolleyes:
  15. Damn that sounds shitty... where I live, most dealers don't want to sell LESS than an ounce. But I don't live in england... thank god.
  16. Thanks for the replies guys, im off to buy some growing supplies now, but while im growing im also gonna try and find a good dealer for those times when the plant is growing and you're completely dry. Hopefully i can find one of those old school guys mentioned, any ideas on some good places to go in south west london?
  17. hey man, around my area you can pick up an ounce for under £100 but for the goooood shit you pay up to £160 for an ounce, i suppose its how safe your dealer is.

  18. What area you in man? That sounds sooooo good haha all the 'dealers' i know are middlemen and a pile of shit. Hows the grow btw haha i see its coming along nicely :):smoke:

  19. im pretty sure she died :devious: no idea why, straight after i put her into flowering. around north london , i'm pretty sure they're all middle men but its cheap around here because theres so much of it. One of the dealers i use to use got stabbed 4 times last week, theres alot of competition lol

  20. Haha im talking about your new grow :) you do have another one right? Or im confusing you with someone else haha :rolleyes:
    Anyways yh i got mocked yesterday when 2 guys jumped me when i tried to buy a half oz off them, they took my 100 quid and my wallet and left me with no bud. Im fucking furious because bud is very hard to come across round these parts and now im stuck with no money too. :mad:

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