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  1. Uh kinda weird question. Well the walls in this college apartment are pretty thin, and luckily i haven't had the awkward situation of hearing porn from my roomates fapping.

    But has anyone here ever had that situation or even been unlucky enough to find their roomate fapping in the living room or something?

    Just curious haha
  2. i had a few close calls.

    you kno when you first open the porn window and it blasts and you are like "OH SHIT" and quickly turn it down haha
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    If you're still going to college in this day and age than you're fucking retarded. See you in a card board box in 4 years.

    Name-Calling/Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR

  4. damn sounds fun. i pay all this money so i can go live in a card board box 4 years from now?

    awesome, it's always been my dream to live in a lavish cardboard box bro
  5. ^my cardboard box is gunna be massive due to the nice job i land. How did i get that job? I got a degree....
  6. [quote name='"Canada x 420"']^my cardboard box is gunna be massive due to the nice job i land. How did i get that job? I got a degree....[/quote]

    You were the one with breaking bad avatar before right?
  7. I had one close call after a tough exam... baked and went back to my spot to relieve tension. Thought the door was closed some fucking dickhead kicked my door as the elevator opened but I got my leg up and crossed and arms folded hella fast.
  8. Uh yeah. It fucking sucks

    I had to listen to my roommate fuck his girlfriend every night for like 2 quarters. It kinda deterred me from having roommates ever again. I like being around people but I'd rather live by myself

  9. That's great! With that kind of enthusiasm you might just get one of those fancy Macy shopping Carts that was shown in High-Hobo last year.

  10. wow talk about awkward lol. I only had to hear that once (i think, it sounded like they were fuckin), it wasn't too bad haha. Just made me focus more on how much of foreveralone.jpeg i am tho hah

  11. oh shit! :eek:

    there's metal editions too? awesome bro, plus i will develop a great relationship with the other unmentionable addicted people hah

  12. Good example of how college really gets a person no where, I mean? You have a job and you're still living under the freeway!? :(

  13. College isn't for everybody.

    Pretty much if you major in anything besides the arts your set for life with a decent job. That's a well enough known fact.

    So get outta here troll. Return to your bridge.
  14. yeah thats me

    you took that post literally?

    Why do you hold such an aversion towards getting a college degree? Also i am obviously not living under a freeway, I'm at a good college working towards my degree.

  15. if i could neg rep you i would :mad:
  16. I think somebody couldn't make it in college, so now that person is bitter at everybody who's in college.

  17. No what I don't like is the phrase "Need to be Educated" like going to college gets you educated? Perhaps in the field you work in but not generally as if it's some sort of class issue? Anyone who enters a $60,000 college degree in this day and age uncertain and oblivious of about the financial fracture of today's employment instability is well... Is a fucking moron.
  18. These are times when I am glad my grandparents and parents both pursued masters degrees in disciplines that are always in demand.
  19. [ame=] Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Open-air Dynamic Audiophile Headphones: Electronics[/ame]

    there open head phones, but when you have something playing the person has to be right next to you for you to even hear them a little.

    This sounds like the answer to your problems, works for me.

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