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  1. So I know 2700k clf's are best for flowering and 6500k for veg. But I was curious and forgive me if this is a stupid question.

    So I have 2x42w and 4x26w 6500k cfl in a reflector for veg which comes out to be 188w, (this is for 2 small/med size plants.) I also have the same thing for the flower stage, (2x42w and 4 26w 2700k) which I will switch to when I turn the lights to 12/12.

    Now for my question would it be better to mix the lights in both stages so I could get more output plus 2 different spectrum's, for exp I'm now using 2x42w and 4x26w 6500k for the veg, but would it be better if I had 2x42w and 2x26k 6500k cfl, and added the 2x42w 2700k cfl to it instead of the other 2x26k 6500k ones? Which would make the watts 220.

    Really appreciate any feedback to this guys. Didn't know if you wanted to stay completely away from the 2700k lights while veg and vice versa for flowering.
  2. You can mix. More watts = happier plants, so I'd suggest throwing as many watts in there as you can. Just make sure you have a decent ratio going for each stage (more 6500K for Veg, more 2700K for Flow). You could do the whole damn grow with one or the other, it's just one spectrum is more suited for the plant in different stages, and can promote better growth. But more light usually trumps the spectrum, especially if it's a pretty large increase (like 32w here, that's like adding a whole extra bulb) and for two plants, it will definitely help.
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    Cool thanks so ill do 136w 6500k and 84w 2700k and flip it around when I flower. Thanks for the feedback.

    Also is there a limit to how many watts is to much or could I get more Y adapters and keep adding light?
  4. As far as the plants go, no, there is basically no limit to wattage. Just make sure of two control the heat (more lights = more heat) AND you don't overload your power outlets. It's generally not a good idea to jam four bulbs into a socket that is only supposed to handle 60w or something.
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    So I have a 3 light holder bathroom fixture and it says light output (watts) 180,Also says maximum bulb wattage 60. Does that mean I should not go above that? Because I was going to be having like 320w or something like that.

    Don't know if thats the recommended level or if you could go beyond that.

  6. I'd have to look at it to be really sure, but I am assuming that each individual socket cannot (or should not) power more than 60w...this means you can have 1 ~60w CFL in each socket (you said it holds 3 bulbs right?). That's where they get the 180 from.
    The device probably only has enough juice in it to adequately power 180w. You can push it if you want...but...
    It's best not to go above the specs listed on the device so you don't overload it. I would suggest runnin' out to get another fixture or something. If you can't just go with what you've got. If you're a couple of watts over, like you've got 200w total rather than 180w, I assume it would be okay.

    I am having a similar issue, and still haven't figured it out. Probably just gonna go with a lower wattage as I don't have the cash for a larger fixture/more lights. Sucks, but it's do-able.

    I'm no electrician, so there's a chance I am wrong here, I'm just suggesting you don't go over the devices specs so as to not risk overloading/fire/etc. Those specs are there for a reason. I would think that 200w would be ~okay, but 320w is a pretty far cry from 180w, ya know.
  7. we had the same problem...

    i posted something about this in chasin's cfl ? too.

    i'm just gonna cut and pase...

    we found @ home depot (on an end cap in lighting, very hard to find) some build-your-own-lamp fixtures. (google build your own lamp kit, the ads that come up w/ pics are similar to what we bought. i think the brand we bought was westinghouse tho.)

    they came with socket and plug, and some rubber stopper things that screw on and fit into the bottle/whatever your trying to make a lamp out of. if i remember correctly they were just under 8 bucks a piece but could hold up to 660 watts, which is more than we could find on any other fixture in there, and plenty for cfl's.

    when we got them home we screwed them into the shelves we are using, and voila. they have no parabolic reflector on them. so you can either make your own, buy them separately (kina expensive) OR do what we did and just use some of those foam core trifolding presentation boards painted flat white and placed strategically around the perimeter.

    [ame=] Westinghouse #70025 Make A Lamp Kit: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    the link is to the product we bought, only on amazon...not home depot.

    i'm sure you could get a piece of wood, drill some holes and make your own "bathroom fixture." i would not overload anything. even by a few watts. best case scenario is you'll need to replace the fixture or the bulbs, or both, all the time. worst case scenario could probably mean fire!
  8. No I here ya just thought maybe it was there way so you would buy more of their products or something like that. Ill try 200 and let ya kno how that does.

  9. +rep for that link. Thanks dude. Will probably end up saving me a lot of money if I can get it worked out. Link should help out some other folks too. :hello:
  10. Yes thanks for that link man, appreciate that.

  11. Hi, just thought I'd chime in...

    I am in the field and that is pretty sound advice... a few watts over SHOULD be fine, however do not push it. Not worth it in the end!
    Good luck.
  12. I wouldn't overload anything at all, it will generate much more heat than it should. I have used a power strip as a fixture before. Use edison connections and splitters to get 2 bulbs at each outlet. (I skipped every other one) Just make sure you get a power strip that can handle the amount of watts you plug into it.
  13. Ya I'm just going to be sticking with the 210w its been fine so far not much heat at all.

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