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Question About Buying..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ilovegrass132, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. My friend Andrew asked me if I knew where he could get an ounce of chronic for his friend. I told him my friend Alex might be able to. I asked Alex and he said that he wants at least 4 grams of it. Andrew said no to that because his friend wants all 28 grams. So Alex is pissed and said that Andrew's friend is a scumbag, etc.

    I don't understand why him wanting all of what he's going to pay for makes him a scumbag? It's going to cost him $300 and I know if I was spending that kind of money, I'd want all of that weed. Why does my friend think it's acceptable to take any of the weed? Is it only because he went through the trouble of getting it?

    I'm obviously not very educated when it comes to buying... I just smoke it. If I were the one actually getting the weed for Andrew's friend, I wouldn't pinch any because I personally think that's scummy and it's just weed... It'd be nice to be paid back for getting it, sure, but I don't understand why people can't just do something for someone without expecting something in return.

    So yeah, can anyone explain this to me?
  2. i dunno man that dont sound rite. i bought a fifty bag today and like i got more than me money worth. i never heard of a dealer wantin some. its a bit lousy like when hes payin for it. just look else where for weed
  3. it doesnt sound like ur friend alex is a dealer. probably just the middle man who has a connect for bud. he just wants to take some from your friend b/c..he can. i do know of people who take a bit for their "effor/labor" of getting the weed BUT u shouldnt do it. you could tell alex that andrew will give him a nice smoke him up if he gets it for him. then go and tell andrew that if he wants the O he needs to spark up alex maybe once or twice depending on what he's feeeling. taking 4g is straight up just jipping your other friend. i have a scale so i don't worry about these kinds of things but if some1 gave me an O 4g short id ask him for the 4g or im not paying for the O
  4. Alex is both a moron and a scumbag himself. Pinching a bag is a huge dick move. If he wants to charge andrew a little extra for his effort, then buy some with the $$ he gets, that's different and reasonable, but insisting on pinching over an 8th? I know i wouldn't put up with that shit.
  5. thats fucked bro, and a real grimy thing to do, tell him that its fucked up. i get bud for all my friends and never pinch unless they say i can. like my friend just asked me to get an 8th of midz for him and i said sure and hes like since your doing this you can smoke an l of it if ya want. thats how it should be bro.

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