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Question about butter and firecrackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by John4414, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Tonight I'm making 4 firecrackers for me and some friends tomorrow. All I have is GIF peanut butter which I know is not recommended but I also planned to melt some butter and mix it with the peanut butter to increase the amount of fat in the mix. The only butter I have in my house is called "Imperial". Will this brand of butter work?
  2. That margarine it's all veg oils so it should work just FYI the butter flavoring in all fake flavored foods has been linked to Alzheimer's so I wouldn't keep using fake butters
  3. Just normal-ass peanut butter has always done me fine. If it's been sitting in your cupboard for a couple of weeks, you'll probably find an extra-oily layer on top. Use that if you can, but either way it should be fine.

    If you add butter (or should I say "butter" or "whateverthefuck imperial is") it seems to me that you're just gonna end up with a sloppy and inedible mess.

    Pro-tip: There are a certain kind of oreos on the market right now covered in Fudge and with either coconut or mint or normal or peanut butter filling. For the most delicious firecrackers ever, use any of these in place of crackers, wrap each individually in foil, keep your oven more around 325 and put them in before it's preheated and then take them out 25-30 minutes later (so as not to make them too crispy.) With the mint and coconut, the taste was absolutely amazing. Like commercially viable, it was that good. I assume the PB one is also legit.

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