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    Hey guys, I have a grow journal going in the indoor grow journal forum (link in my sig) with a couple of autos. It's been years since I've attempted to grow and have looked all around the forum for an answer before posting this.

    Anyway, here is a picture of one of my plants - a Pyramid Seeds Auto New York City:

    My question is about the way new branches come in on cannabis plants and how it relates to bud sites. I see new leaves coming in at the crossroads between the stem and branches at this stage of its growth (it's 14 days old), and I want to know two things:

    1) where to expect budding to happen in the future and
    2) how new branch offshoots grow

    It's sort of a weird, noobish, and poorly worded question but I'm sure one of you blades out there can help me out with as good of an answer as you can muster. 
  2. let's see if I understood your question right and hopefully you can understand my answer :bongin:
    the points where you see those new leaves coming in, at the base of the fan leaf stem up near the main stalk, can do two things depending on where they are on the plant:
    1)at the top of the plant, that is where the buds will form. the internodal spacing gets less and less until the very top cola, which is basically a ton of those little things packed so close together it forms a single, giant flower.
    2) at the bottom of the plant, it will continue to grow out and will form a secondary stalk, that mimics the main one, in that it follows point #1 with regards to cola growth, and it will follow point #2 with regards to forming more and more branches. This is where Marijuana gets it tear-drop shape. It is also what makes cloning possible, by taking a clipping of the growth shooting off from the main stalk, you can form a whole new plant.
  3. Thanks my brotha! Exactly what I was looking for.

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