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question about bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RedBull13, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. So i have a homeade waterbottle bong with a trumpet valve bowl and stem. For the past summer ive been smoking in my bathroom blowing smoke out of window through a fan and spraying some oldspice and what not and ive been good. Yesterday i picked up an eighth of some sour diesel (my new favorite strain) but it is ridiculously smelly. If i open the bag in my room the whole basement instatntly smells like weed. So two questions. First as long as i open the bag smoke then spray and then come out with everything closed up would i still be fine or would the sour d permeate the door. Second if i choose to smoke outside instead would my bong be to loud and wake neighbors or can you use the bong without water so it is just like a big pipe in a way? Thanks for responses!
  2. Smoke outside, I can nigh on guarantee that the sound of a bong bubbling will NOT wake up the neighbours.
  3. lol, the sound of a bong bubbling is not loud. if it is loud, you can try filling up the bong with less water. smoke outside.
  4. .....Seriously??
  5. You can always open your bag of dank inside a closet thats close.. If I don't it would stink the whole house up.. Smoking outside is a much easier way to avoid having to worry about what the basement smells like in the morning.
  6. Lol.... ok first buy a bowl for ten bucks or just some papers. Next walk out your back door at night. Smoke there, use a sploof if you feel like it. (Dryer sheets in cardboard tube)

    Sure I live with my parents smoking a bong is loud. But I just ignore it and no one really ends up ever hearing... Aha the more paranoid the more problems.
  7. the bubbles in a bong arent that loud unless you put it to much water/poorly designed bong. Bongs that have a diffused stem/some sort of percolator will make less noise because the bubbles are smaller.

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