question about blockbuster...please respond if you know...

Discussion in 'General' started by xmodnarx, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. i just got a job at blockbuster, pending a backround clean so its all good. i get training in like a week or so, problem is this. drug tests. just talked to a friend today who says his friend just got a job at another blockbuster in the town over, and got i was scared, so i called my blockbuster where i got the job and pretended to be someone else blah blah asked if they tested, guy said he didnt think so because they didnt test him...anyone know if its individual stores that do it, or do they all and the guy was fuckin with me...either way i plan on the piss in a condom strapped to the thiegh a clean buddy lined up...thanks blades
  2. i worked at block buster last summer and they never dt'd
  3. my friends bro works there (HEAVY toker) and he never got dt'd either
  4. i work at hollywood video and they dont test i go in high everyday its fun too not do anything and watch movies plus free rentals and plenty of females (if ur a male)

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