Question About Astral Projection

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  1. I'm sure astral projection is quite rare, I have no idea how common true astral projection is. Nonetheless, I'd like to ask a question for anyone who has real experience. I have only done it once myself. It seemed like a big deal to me, to be astral projecting, such that I was skeptical that I was really astral projecting, despite the numerous things that would indicate it such as my perception of the 'string' that attaches you to your body as I attempted to project out, how it kept me attached to my body until I was finally able to release. What to me served as essentially proof that it was astral projection, is the fact that I could perceive my body as I was elsewhere in the 'energy-body' you are in when you project, and I tried to sit up in my physical body and did it, instantaneously. You can't do that in a dream.
    Anyway, there's a certain detail I've never mentioned about the experience. This is because I haven't known how to explain it in terms of its being astral projection, what it would be, etc. I kind of thought it may make the whole thing seem illegitimate, which I didn't want to do. Anyways, after exiting my body, I was in my bedroom. I earlier mentioned my initial skepticism that I was astrally projecting, thinking I was probably just in a lucid dream. So I attempted to jump through my bedroom wall, which is something I do in basically every lucid dream I have(which I have a lot of). What I'm saying is, it's a completely normal thing for me to do in dreams, I do it all the time. When I went to do it, however, I just went into the wall. It felt like this stretchy fabric, and it was completely black, and I could push into it, but I couldn't actually go through it. So how I eventually got outside, were these 'beings' stood there and opened the doors that led me outside. There were multiple of them, sort of forming a pathway outside. They all stood there basically motionless, just holding onto some expression and basically pointing the way outside.
    Anyways, I've always wondered what that was. I've never really known what astral projection WAS, as in literally what you experience. The details on this don't seem easy to come by, I suspect because true astral projection is rare. So I was wondering if anyone had any idea on what these 'beings' could have been. It's just that, astral projection is supposed to be 'real' right? As in, it shouldn't just be a manifestation of my consciousness, like a dream? So they must have some actual existence, right? Yet they didn't really move at all, certainly didn't speak. They just opened the doors for me, and pointed the way outside. I haven't astral projected since then. I should really work on developing the ability.


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