Question about a/c and carbon filter.

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  1. Me and my friend are going to buy a bong together this christmas but we don't know whether to get an ash catcher or a carbon filter. Which one would you guys recommend?
  2. I have never used a carbon filter, but if I was you I would get a nice ash catcher. I think

    that they work much better, and they will def. make the hit so much cleaner and

    smoother and do a better job then a carbon filter.
  3. You can buy carbon from pet stores and just put it in your bong water it cuts down on smell and is supposed to cancel out some of the harmful chemicals in ganja
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    Carbon filter.

    If you want to clean the bong less often. I clean my bowl and carbon filter three times before I have to clean my bong.
    <---Lol just realized my avatar is my bowl and carbon filter.

  5. no joke carbon is amazing. but why not both?
  6. what harmful chemicals?

    and to OP: id get the carbon filter i prefer it over an ashcatcher.
  7. Not like cancer or chemicals like that. Just stuff that may make the hit a bit harsher. It makes your hit taste cleaner and more like the bud as well as very smooth. You can get ROOR carbon filters for like 30 online if you look, so go for both. It worth it.
  8. i like ash catchers better because carbon filters filter out oil
    thc is an oil
  9. Not when it is burned. Carbon filters are the best ad-on smoking device you can put on a bong.
  10. You get just as high with a carbon filter as you do without it. Just makes the smoke so smooth :)
  11. carbon filters keep your piece so much cleaner too. somewhere on here i saw a thread about them and the guy had one on compared to without. the difference made me get carbon and i havent looked back.
  12. definetly carbon filter

    People who bash them havent tried a good one.
  13. You base your statements on absolutely nothing...
  14. An ash catcher of water comes nowhere near the amount of filtration of carbon. About 3 - 5 grams of carbon has the filtering surface of a football field due to the porous nature of it. Theres no ash catcher that can come close to the filtration of carbon.
  15. quoted for the mofuckin truth

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