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question about 12 / 12 light cycle

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FARMERJACK, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. someone told me i can start my plant from seed usein 12/12 is that true
  2. The answer is yes. But it would yield you next to nothing, and is never worth doing in my opinion.

    This belongs in the grow sections below under beginners.
  3. what if i kept growin with 12 12 an didnt harvest would it keep getting bigger
  4. No. All your buds would die. They need to be harvested when there trichomes are at a certain stage.

    Re-post this in the right forum to get more specific answers, or answers from more people.
  5. That post is not true, will you yield less? Yes but not next to nothing.
  6. I think they were speaking comparatively to a plant that HAD been fully vegged.
    OP - I wouldn't do it like from SEED, they would be super tiny, and buds might grow a little bit too close to each other. Though you can 12/12 something like, a 2-3 inch tall seedling if you're so inclined. The answer is, it would work, but yes your yield would be significantly less than if you were to create more space and flowering sites through vegetative growth. (18/6).
  7. I was obviously speaking relatively bud. The picture I saw of someone who tried 12/12 had a plant about 6 inches high, no side branching, and probably about an 1/8 of bud after drying. In comparison to a normal grow, it is "next to nothing."

    Whatever you want to call it, it just seems silly to me....

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