Quess the name of my new Volcano Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by CASPER123, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Ive been wanting to tell the GC community my new Volcano Vaporizers new name for a long time . I decided to let you guys quess for fun !!!! ( prob over 100 people have hit it and they laugh at the name so much )

    First Hint : Disney movie !!!
  2. cinderella
  3. Nop sorry .

    2nd Hint : The movie just came out recently
  4. race to space mountain
  5. Sky High?
    I have no idea
  6. 3rd Hint : Its rated G
  7. Igor? Dont ask me how I know this...
  8. 4th hint( GIMME ) : The main character in the movie looks like the volcano vaporizer !!!
  9. Yep WALL-E is the name of my vapE!!!! i actually have a little post it not on it that says WALL - E lol
  10. quess? do you mean guess

    plus i need more hints:p
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    WALL- E my friend :) The first night i got it, we had like 5 people hitting and it and we had to watch the movie lol
  12. Hahaha. I didn't even read the OP, just the 4th hint. That's how high i am

  13. hahaha lol well wat other main character would look like a vaporizer lol !!!!

    do you guys like the name?
  14. R2D2!
    Yeah I like the name. Pretty original, besides the fact it's from a movie ;-)

    +rep btw

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