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Querkle and Dairy Queen by Rustyjay

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by RustyJay, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Well my last two Journals I think I tried to do too much with em. I tried to update all plants and just got to be a chore. I took about a 5 week break from here and figured I am ready to do a new thread. The difference this time is that I will not try to do too much and focus on the two strains only.
    I have been growing this lovely plant for about 11 months now. It has been an awesome experience that has been really rewarding. I have had my ups and downs and I am coming back for more. On my journey I discovered a breeder named Subcool from TGA and instantly liked all of his stuff. I mean I really went and read anything I could find about his strains. The one I settled on first was Querkle


    This Indica dominant hybrid has a great taste and out of a 5 plant test run all 4 females turned a nice shade of purple with warm temps throughout. Our goal was to recreate the nice grape flavor but ad some speed to the slow Urkle mom and the results are better than we expected and finding 2 keeper moms from the very small test run we did. Results from the field verify mild variation, good yields and fantastic flavor and colors. This hybrid has been featured in both Skunk and Hightimes magazine.

    1) Phenotypes –Two main females one Short and very purple with grape flavors, the variation is a slightly more SQ dom with a taller frame and more sativa buzz.
    2) Height- Short and dence does well un topped but faster than Urkle.
    3) Yield-Medium to heavy if extended veg time is given mainly due to bud density.
    4) Indoor has only been tested so far
    5) Best way to grow-Vegged to a large bush Or untopped in scrog.
    6) Harvest Window-8 weeks
    7) Sativa/Indica 20/80
    8) Hybrid- Urkle x Space Queen
    9) High type- Indica head and grape taste make it total all day headstash.
    10) Smells: Grapes, fruit, berries, musty
    11) One of my favorite things to smoke out of a clean bong the flavor is just amazing and IMO better than Mom.


    After purchasing the Querkle I decided one of these strains were not enought so I ordered some Dairy Queen.

    Dairy Queen
    Tested as Dank #1
    Cheese X C-99
    Heavy stank, so strong trimming it can affect your sinuses and even your head. Its texture is off the hook, ultra gooey and medium density, my tester Minitrkn420 says “the texture is what I like a lot, it's a superb bud” he reports the smell is sweet tarts chewy candy. This strain was released to TGA testers and we could not be happier with the results. It has been described as Tropical Cheese by Happy Chief and everyone experienced amazing levels of resin production. It is not for anyone looking for a strain with low odor though everyone reports an incredible funk. The testers are blown away and long before we indicated the true parentage there threads speak of Cheesy smells and copious resin production. This was our goal with this strain and I am confident everyone that tries it will get a nice representation of Cheese with the added boost of Cindy. There was absolutely no sign of hermaphrodites even in the garden that received a great deal of stress!

    Plants grow short and full with medium sized buds with full maturation in under 8 weeks.

    1. Phenotypes – Wide bushes with a Cheese profile
    2. Height- Short and Wide
    3. Yield- Medium
    4. Indoor/ Outdoor Performs well in both
    5. Best way to grow- Large topped bushes to prevent stretch
    6. Harvest Window_ 7-8 weeks
    7. Sativa/ Indica 60/40
    8. Hybrid- Cheese X Romulan X Cindy 99
    9. High type- Relaxing and fun to smoke mainly due to its funky taste
    10.Taste Like: Cherry Cheese and a very stinky plant


    And the list keeps on growing of what I want from TGA. I have plans to order Vortex, Jack the Ripper and Jillybean too.

    Well enough with all that crap here are the stats

    Veg closet:
    400 mh
    Box fan
    Flora Nova grow, Liquid Karma, Silica Blast and some Superthrive from time to time.

    Flower Room:
    1600 watts of Hps
    8" inline can fan for ventilation
    charcoal scrubber(cant remember model)
    11000 btu portable air conditioner
    Two fans on the ground and one wall mounted fan over the tops
    Botanicare Pure Blend pro bloom the soil formula, Silica Blast, Liquid Karma, Kool Bloom liquid and powder and some Blackstrap Molasses.

    Here is my Querkle girl
    I have two other Querkle in the flower room right now but this is the one I was looking for. She grows pretty slow and has a strong odor for being a veg plant. My wife said it almost smelled like red wine. I dont know for certain how long she has been vegging so far because I dont like to count the veg time(at least 7 weeks so far). Knowing that there is not too much stretch to this plant I am gonna flower her around 24 inches, she'a at 17 right now. I have big hopes for this one

    I have 4 Dairy Queens going right now
    Dairy Queen 1
    Dairy Queen 2
    Dairy Queen 3
    Dairy Queen 4
    None has shown sex so far and they are almost ready for their first haircut. It is clear I have a couple of different pheno's here. I just want one stellar smeller, I mean some serious funk with the boost of C-99.
    Well wish me luck and this will be updated at least once per week.

  2. Good to see you back at it around here, Rusty! I like the things I see from TGA Subcool as well. I was going to order the Querkle from Attitude, but it sold out before I got to it. I can find it other places, so no worry.
    I really want to see what these girls can do; I know you'll treat 'em right. Have fun!
  3. I really want to see what I can do with em. I am putting all of what I have learned so far into these ones. I am not going to rush anything on these girls. I am hoping good things come to those who wait.
    If ya ever want some of Subcool's seeds The Bidzbay is the best place for em. I got my Querkle 10 pack for 45 bucks. Thanks for stopping by Dopey
  4. your querkle bitch looks amazing! I'm following this thread.
  5. Ya she is gonna be something, I can just feel it. Debating on whether to transplant to 5 gallons or maybe something larger.

    The kids got their cut
  6. [​IMG]
    A little sparkle
  7. Just screwing around
    This one trips me out
  8. Wow brotha that last chop came out even more amazing then your previous....really nice job man thats what Im hoping my ladies look like when they're about to retire :D Good to see you back man, stay high/in touch:hello::smoke:

    I cant wait for querkle and dq bro....those are the exact seeds Im ordering for next round lol, along with red diesel and lemon skunk
  9. Thanks C&D,yeah got a little burnt out on doing both journals. I have these plants here but all the other will be updated on my HC journal like God's Gift, Kandy Kush, Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, Chiesel and not to forget Super Lemon Haze. I don't want to let go of anything but I am out of room. The Kandy and Blue Dream aren't going anywhere, all the others are up in the air. Sorry for going on about that just got side tracked.
    Anyway C&D I am not going anywhere on this one and I hope it will turn out great.

    Here is my sexy lady getting a tan

    The Dairy Queens after their cut.
    I try not to play favorites but Dairy Queen 1 is the one I am watching right now.
  10. lol I hear ya on that the DQ is lookin nice, but the querkle pics on the attitude looks nuuuuuuutttzzz:eek:, but the DQ is what Im lookin out for most as well haha;):smoke: they look sexy man nice pics:hello:
  11. Ya lets hope the DQ does not disappoint. I don't think I really have to worry about the Querkle because the cross has been proven and there is a lot of info on it. That is not the situation for the Dairy Queen. The DQ is still kinda new and I have read some mixed reports on it. It sounds like if I can get the right pheno I wont be dissapointed though. Thanks a lot C&D, always nice for you to stop by.

    Here are some new pics of the Dairy Queens. Still no sign of sex.

    DQ 1
    DQ 2
    DQ 3

    The Querkle has slowed down on vertical growth(19 inches) and is really filling in. I am gonna transplant in to a 5 gal bucket tonight. I will start flower in about 2 weeks.
  12. I am hoping for the best on that DQ as well, I have also read mixed reports of it, but the querkle will be something to look forward to for sure:smoking: The querkle is lookin real nice man, gonna be a heavy one, good shit :D
  13. very nice!

    TGA Subcool vortex is one of my favorite strains of all time.
  14. #14 blingaling, Dec 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 3, 2009
    I grew querkle last time and it was fire. only downside is the yield is moderate to low. I yielded 48gs off 3 plants.....:( lame
  15. I hope she will be, she is liking her new pot too.
    Haven't tried Vortex yet but it is on the list of seeds to get.
    How long did you veg your plants on the Querkle? Sub has stated it yields better with longer veg times.

    Well I have been a little caught up in other things lately. Like fighting white flies and stuffing my fat ass for thanksgiving. Managed to get a pic of the Querkle going into her new home.

    The Dairy Queen's have been transplanted into 2 gal pots and are doing good.
    I will get new pics of all the plants soon.
  16. Looks good man, ill be tagging along for the ride
  17. Thanks Goonie, hopefully it will turn out as good as I think it will.

    A pic of the Querkle at about 21 inches tall.

    Dairy Queen's in order
    I am not gonna top the Dairy Queens again. I wanna flower them as soon as I can.
  18. Nice bro, the DQ seemed to come through, I can't wait till flowering man. good shit:smoking:
  19. I cant wait either man. Seems like I have been vegging this Querkle forever. The Dairy Queens will probably catch up to it.

    Well nothing new going on here. Plants are all looking good and healthy. Some of the Dq's started to shoe some pre-flowers.
    Dairy Queen 1 I think is a girl.
    Dairy Queen 2 is definitely a girl.
    Dairy Queen 3 I think has nuts.
    Dairy Queen 4 is being stubborn not wanting to give it up.

    My Querkle bitch
    She is looking better everyday
  20. I know I said I did not want to go overboard with this thread and try to do too much. But I can't help myself. I got two new clones yesterday and I want to share em with you all.
    Yup, Paltinum OG and Chemdog or Chem Dawg however the fuck you want to spell it. I have heard nothing but good things on the Platinum and I had to try Chemdog. I hate to say this but California is the shit cause if I don't like either of these strains oh well. I can go get more very easily. I still like the hunt of growing seeds too though cause ya never really know what ya are going to get. Clone's just simplify things a little.
    Speaking of more I also just got my freebies from The Attitude yesterday.
    With the addition of the new clones I am going to hold off on these for a little. I know I am not the only one with these. So i am gonna watch some journals for a while and decide which one will get a shot here in a couple of months.

    On a side not though my Querkle will go into flower tonight. I know I said I wanted to grow it big but it is taking up too much space in my closet. I will get some pics of her and the Dq's some time today.[​IMG]

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