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  1. I'm pretty new to the whole growing scene. I was considering at least for now growin' some herbs on the side to curb my spending.

    I'm at college so smell control is a serious issue however if I had a pretty long venting tube I could vent it out my window and be fine as well the long tube would limit the intensity of temperature changes out side. Also since i'd be blowing air from inside the room outside the cold/hot air would have a tough time coming inside.

    Size:Size isn't as big of a factor, I live in a dorm so I can find space for it. Tryin' to keep it smallish, enough for a couple plants maybe 2x2x? or 3x2x?. It also needs to be somewhat portable, I need to be able to take it home for the summer. Height is the biggest problem since I can build it so it breaks down into panels for storage/movement. I'm pretty sure that I have somewhere around 3 ft to work with as far as height unless I can loft my bed in which case I should be able to get about 5-6ft of height which I assume I wouldn't need all of.

    Lighting: I'm not totally sure but i've been reading the other forums and I read one that said HPS offered the best spectrum and was best for growing. Given if my grow box was 2x2 i'd need a 250w right? That'd put me at 62.5 w/ft.

    On this note, would a different type of lighting offer me a smaller size? I feel like I read that HPS had to be pretty distant from the plants since they produce alot of heat which would in-turn make my cooling more in-depth.

    Cooling/ Venting: Computer fans or a blower both have been mentioned. Money isn't really an object. I was just going to put a exhaust fan in because it should pull sufficient air in through the vent tubes which I would put PVC elbows on to limit lighting. Inside I was planning on putting a small fan in two corners since this is kind of a baby box.

    Locking: Just a simple visit to ACE hardware.

    Access: Basic door.

    Environment: Keeping the temp constant is pretty key what kind of lining is best for this sort of project.

    I'd like this to be as technically simple as possible since it will be mobile at times. I plan on using some sort of book case or something of the like as my housing.

    I am not to deep into this so specifics would be wonderful, exact dimensions et c would be a God send. Thanks for all the help, hope to hear from ya'll soon.

    Money isn't really an option, I can spend a good amount of money on this project and I plan to do so. I'd like to keep it moderate but there's no reason to have a crappy system when you can have a good one for a little bit more.
  2. Well im kinda high right now so as far as reading your whole thread, i cant keep my eyes still enough to see what your typing completely but i can suggest growing in rubbermaid tubs. Their portable, and small. Hell, you can pop the top off, push the cord into the box, and throw it in your car and hope like hell you dont get pulled over.

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