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quarter pound rolling compitition

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Magnus, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. think you got what it takes to roll a quarter pound joint
  2. Sure you don't mean a quarter of an ounce????

    A 1/4 of a pound is a LOT!!! I don't think anyone could roll a 1/4 of a pound into one joint and have it stay smokin and held together.

    But my bro often rolls a 1/4 ounce into one joint, and it lasts us an hour or so between 4 peeps. Great :D
  3. Damn I wish I still had that pic, the J must have been a foot long and 3 or 4 inches wide.. Easily used a 1/4 pound of bud.

    So it's possible. Although you'd need about 20 people to suck it down. I'd be passed out after a few hits.
  4. Does it look anything like Tommy Chong's joint from the first Cheech and Chong movie? ;>
  5. me and my friend rolled a once blunt, it was so tight and i was so baked
  6. A few friends and I once made this one and a half metre joint using an Oz of hash and thinly laced it with a quater of oil, but it was badly rolled, so when we packed down it measured up at one metre, the roach was lookin` kinda like a tail pipe, maaaan we had to pull for a little time to get the munster goin`, all three of us surrendered and finally passed out, heh.
  7. i dont like rolling joints because the J burns fast and u have to pull hard. Blunts r my fav because they burn slow and u dont have to pull hard

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