Quarter Life Crisis

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  1. I dont know if any of you have read anything on this topic or not, but I find it pretty interesting as I find myself directly in the middle of a Quarter Life Crisis myself.

    A Quater Life Cricis (QLC) is somewhat like a mid life crisis. It takes place generally from 23-30 and is the time when most people graduate from college and are expected to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

    Like many people, I thought I knew in college. I was in the business major specifically sales, and was really talented and involved and thought I knew what i wanted to do. i was already selling real estate since freshman yr so i continued with college. i graduated and took a direct outside sales position in NYC, selling to lawyers bankers and traders basically. it was a super cool job, tons of fun but a TON of work. sales is not easy as some of you may know. Anyway, a year and a half went by and recession hit, and a great opportunity presented itself to me. One of my clients at the time, saw a lot of potential in me and had always begged me to quit my job and work for him...well i had seen the effects of the recession starting to hit our clients and i knew i needed out if i could. he knew of an opening at a competitor of his but he liked me so much he referred me and i got the job.

    anyway, so that way a little over a year ago. ive been out of college for 3 years, im 25, mking 75k a year and have a pretty laid back job. it does include quite a bit of travel. the thing is, Im not happy at all. Im in an industry which BORES ME TO DEATH and while i know i have it made int he shade, i still cant stand going to work. I no longer like living in NJ and the commute to NY costs me $500 a month which is just getting insane. On top of it, the girls around here are not my type at all, and bewtween the construction EVERYWHERE, the terrible roads, the congestion, the rude people and the high taxes that goes to our theiving politicians is just sent me over the top. Iv elived here my whole life but i need out.

    So here i am, a lot of my good friends from HS and college are married already, nd have decent jobs, nothing special, but they have their own lives now. I dont have a GF right now so im not tied to anything. Ive never really lived away from NJ before and i know its my time to do this. Colorado offers me the great outdoors and a lot of other great advantages...

    I cant wait to move, but I still feel sort of stuck. I am hoping that with my job, i will be able to have a home office in colorado since it falls right between california and the rest of my territory (south). if so, I can hang onto this till i get settled and then find something in the outdoors industry out in colorado instead of my industry now.

    So do any of you have a QLC right now? another friend of mine, also 25, just quit his job and bought a 1 way ticket to rome. sold all of his possesions and is gonna backpack europe till he runs out of money...i give him a lot of credit and i hope my move to colorado is just as rewarding. i feel like now is the time of my life to do something like this, if i dont, i will always regret it and always wonder what could have been. i KNOW that NJ is not all this country has to offer and its time for me to get out of here even tho ill always love it in a way..

  2. dude i feel you, but im 19 and chillin so i got no worrys haha, but my best wishes out to you my friend
  3. shit, im having a quarter a day crisis to. we'll get through it.

  4. :hello:
  5. I'm probably still in one right now. I graduated in december and had to move back home. I was hella bummed out from jan-midmarch. I'm working but I hate my job. Just want to move back to the bay area and finish my novel.
  6. you're making 75K. Your complaints are invalid. Why don't you go for ride in your Mercedes and forget about your boring job. I would do anything to have that kind of stability, no matter if the job is the worst on Earth. Good day.
  7. Ha, he speaks the truth. but sometimes money does'nt mean shit if your not happy.
  8. move to los angeles. people complain about smog and shit but i don't see it. i think it's fucking beautiful and i love living here.
  9. you could join the military, haha.
    no grass, but health care and shits free.
    get to see the world.
  10. I feel ya - you don't like your job and you're unhappy. It sucks, but I'm sure you can imagine how many people hate their job infinitely more than you and make infinitely less than you, how many people would die to move and have nowhere near the funds to do so, how many people are dying to find any job just to feed themselves and their families...

    Think about how good you have it, smoke a bowl, enjoy life, and do what you need to be happy.
  11. wow man, you just made a lot of assumptions about me. you also said money is more eimportant than happiness. you dont know anything about me you seem unware of the cost of living in northern nj. i drive a VW by the way. :rolleyes:
  12. Hi guys,

    The whole Quarterlife Crisis phenomenon is something I've been looking into recently. Having been through one (or two) myself, I wanted to help others find a way through theirs.

    I've put together a simple survey to try and get a handle on where the problems exist and what I can do to help. I would really appreciate your input on it too. I've put up a bit of a thank you bonus of some iTunes vouchers up for grabs.

    Check it out here. www.surveygizmo.com/s3/297784/Quarterlife-Crisis

    Cheers and best wishes on your journey. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

  13. why are there so many threads that bum you out nowadays?
  14. I just drown out the crisis with alcohol.

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