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  1. This is such a noob question but any of ya'll know roughlly how much 200 watts of cfl will effect electricty bills I also have two bathroom fans 50 CFM i dont know how much wattage they use Any help will be greatlly appreciated I bow down to all those who possess more knowlege than me. To learn all I can learn!
  2. I;m on 18/6 right now
  3. ? 12-16 dollars a month?
  4. isn't that the light schedule... not cost to operate?

    btw: over 200 posts! yay me! lol

  5. Yeah,
    Tops I would say.
  6. Yeah 18/6 is the light schedule so its gonna cost me like 15 bucks a month. is that about right
  7. roughly/about/kinda/sort of

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