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quantity or quality?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aerikk, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. whats up my fellow stoners!! :wave:

    okay... so me and my freind have 40 dollars...
    where i live... i can get a dub (4 g's of corn/regular bud) for 20 dollars
    or 1 G of some kush...

    whats gonna fuck me up more? 4 blunts of the reg/corn

    or 1 blunt of kush?


    thanks.. and why do you think wich is better?
  2. i haven't had OG before but i doubt it could get you higher than four times its weight in regs.
    wish regs were that cheap where i live
  3. quality for sure more is not always better
  4. Uhhh 4 blunts. I guarantee you that one blunt will not get you 4x higher than the corn.
  5. In your situation, I would be treating myself to that "kush" rarely. 40/g is fucking crazy pretty much anywhere in the US, so it better be reallly legit, which I have a feeling it's probably not.

    If you were getting it for 20 I'd say smoke that only. Quality is definitely better that brick weed sewer crap it's nasty stuff man
  6. Most people never think about the QUALITY of the QUANTITY. Down here where i am, the mids i get 7 grams for 20 get you WAY fucking ripped off of 2 or 3 bong loads on my tolerance.

    If its some good middies, go with that, if its brown mexibrick shit, go with the dank
  7. At his expense? Having a nasty ass high from 4 blunts that's too much trouble and too many blunts and too much smoke just to get a shitty high. If the "kush" is good then that one blunt should do the trick AND be more enjoyable
  8. Quality. I'd rather have bud that I can get baked off in a bowl pack then two packs, even if it means having a little more bud. Saves more money in the long run I believe.

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