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Quality pickup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PotGrrl, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Got myself an ounce of Jamaican Sugar (sativa) and a quarter of Master Kush (indica).

    Both are high quality, smoking just a small amount takes care of what takes a full bowl or more of the mid-grade stuff that's been going on around my parts all summer.

    Got the stuff yesterday, and today I'm just sittin' back, chilling out and thinking about the world.


    Attached are pictures of the bud, using a pack of gum as size reference.

    Plus, I took a picture of my freshly-cleaned acrylic water bong, filled with hot water (as is my personal preference) after a good cleaning with that "420 Acrylic bong cleaner" stuff I bought at the local head shop.

    This is my first contribution to the board, really - other than mentioning the acrylic bong cleaner in a thread asking about it. Hello all!

    PotGrrl from Canada:smoking:

    Attached Files:

  2. looks nice, how much did it run you ?
  3. good lookin herbs might have to visit canada one day
  4. Beautiful bong, excellent weed, and a nice story too!
    Thanks for sharing.
  5. nice lookin nugs for sure :cool:

    what do you consider to be "mids" stuff with seeds?? alot of canadians on here say there is no such thing as mids in canada.

    but either way, those are some top notch lookin nugs
  6. lol, my 2 fav types of bud Kush & Jamaican. The Jamaican Hashplant i smoked once was killlller, that night we smoked a 20 sac between me and my friend. Pretty nice bong too, how much did u pay for the ounce and for the quarter? Btw what part of Canada you from? O and just about forgot how'd you get your MMJ Card if you dont mind me asking.

    Welcome to GC
  7. I smoked some master kush just yesterday, it tasted so good, it goes down so smooth.
  8. Cost just over 3 bills for the lot of it. I'm very pleased.

  9. My source is officially "out" of this stuff now! I'm so glad I was buying when it was around, because it looks like it's not a strain that will be around consistently.

    Ah well, gives me reason to "review" different ones!

  10. First off, welcome :wave: I have never smoked any kush strain so i have no clue but i bet its nice. Enjoy those buds :smoke:.

    psst... Nice bong + rep
  11. 300 Canadian? That sounds much better than here.
  12. rubbing alcohol, and salt. That cleans my glass bong up so well. Dunno about acrylic, but your bong is nice.

    Nice mary you got there in those bags :)
  13. Wow, normally on this side of the border we're used to being told we pay too much for everything (except prescription life-saving drugs of course)...

    But yep, got some quality BC bud available for good prices these days!

  14. Thanks! It's a cute little guy who does the trick and cleans up nice.

    As for rubbing alcohol and acrylic - that's the problem... alcohol shatters the plastic like glass. I learned that with the little acrylic middling part of a pipe I once owned. I haven't actually read what is IN the "420/Agent Orange" stuff I use, but I'm sure there's a cheaper way to obtain the stuff in bulk. I hear mechanics use it as a cleaning agent as well, so Home Depot would probably have it in buckets.

  15. nice weed! Lets smoke some!

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