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Quality Or Quantity?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Gram Man, May 23, 2013.

  1. around where i live the average person gets $60 but most stoners dont pay more the $50. anyway my main dealer that ive been going to for a while sells the best bud i can, possibly that ive ever smoked. he sells for usually $45 for an eighth to me.  anyway my other buddy that sells can give me $35 eighths of some shit that still dank as fuck but not quite as good. 
    so what do you guys think? both have great bud on is just a bit better. 
    im leaning toward switching to my boy that can do $35 just because over time that little $10 adds up quick and im trying to save some money to spend next year when i go away for college. 

  2. on a scale of 1-20, how are each of the types?
  3. I would go for the $35.  You get more and it will still do the trick.  Plus like you said, you'll save money.
  4. both. then roll up a quad jay :smoke:
  5. #5 Johnny Blazed, May 23, 2013
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    when its like 35 a quarter for mids i say go for it but if its only 15 more an 8th go for the dank
    good mids shouldnt be that hard to find for around 5$ a gram
  6. Save your money, lower your tolerance and get the $35 8th.
  7. Switch to my friend LOL. He charges me $8-$10 a gram and his bud gets me a strong high for 14hrs then a little lite high for 3 days.
    But I would go with quantity because your tolerance will be rising soon you'll need more and more to get high.
  8. i always go quality, if i see an 8th of some super duper dank, and an 8th of some standard dank... im going with the super duper dank. why? why not? lol
  9. Depends how you smoke. Vape or bong rips quality. Rolling? Quantity.
  10. IMO I try to find the dankest buds I can. I wanna smoke someone tells me they've got better bud then me, great call your dude up lol

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