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Quality of this bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 996sami, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. yoo guys, sorry if sounds like a novice question just wanted some opinions - just got this bud off a new guy was just wondering if you think this looks of decent quality?

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  2. I don't think it looks bad but there's only 1 way to find out...put it in your pipe and smoke it.
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  3. Looks like some mid grade homegrown tbh. It doesn't look too bad but it doesn't look too great either. And defintely was not trimmed properly.
  4. yeah i was thinking it was some homegrown stuff - just had 1 pretty much what u said just some average i thinks
  5. Who cares!!! Light that up!:smoking-bong:
  6. That's some mids ... Sorry man


    That picture is of raspberry kush I recommend you try to get some.
  7. Who cares what it looks like? It looks like marijuana. Go smoke it, then tell us how it was. That's how you tell the quality of weed.
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  8. It looks fine to me man. Follow A Guy's advice, put it in your pipe and smoke it up!
  9. A lot of people will tell you its schwagh, dont listen to them. Ive had weed that looks like shit and smoked amazing, and weed that looked amazing but smoked like shit. Only way to know is to smoke it. If i had to guess, it looks like some decent weed.

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  10. Looks a little leafy but as long as it gets you high then smoke it.

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  11. It has alot of leaves although doesn't look too bad, of course the only way to really tell is to smoke it.
  12. Considering you have to ask this question, I'll just assume you're pretty new to smoking. I'm sure it'll get you pretty damn baked. I had some herb that was similar looking to that (trim/trichome wise) and it got me high, but nowhere near where I could get off some dank shit. Then again this was back when I was doing a g/day, so my tolerance was pretty high
  13. Its a little leafy and could've been trimmed a little better but it looks fine. Enjoy
  14. Nah, not shwag just because it has a poor/no trim job.
    High mids/Low danks
    See a good bit of trichs, bud doesn't look fucked up or anything
  15. Looks like low upper mids dro.
  16. I think we're looking at different pictures, cause thats shwag, this is what we call mids around here.

    This would be low end dank

    Real dank
  17. lol people don't seem to know what "schwag" is anymore. As far as street weed goes that looks about some good reggie/mids. It'll get you pretty high depending on how often and how long you been smoking.

    Home grown weed and Street weed are two different beasts lol. Hard to find street weed that can go toe to toe with personally grown weed.

    But I guess it's all where you're at too.
  18. Besides the leaves it looks pretty good depending on where you live. At the best it looks like beasters but just smoke it!!
  19. Well for starters those pics aren't from a dried plant. But depending on where you live, yes of course you can get top quality, but between ditch weed to top shelf ide say that was mids. Shwag to me is dark green/brown brick weed.

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