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Quality Of Herb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighAsFuck247, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Now, I know you all are going to say "Get some dank" and I would if I wasn't so low on cash, but I'm wondering if anyone else just gets to the point where they finish a bag of mids and realize that it just didn't cut it. As you can see, I live in Grand Rapids. Does anyone have a problem with mids not getting them high? Like I would be better off taking 1 hit of a little chronic then smoking 4 bowls of the shit. Maybe someone can post a pic of some good mids they got in grand rapids? Maybe i'm just missing out on the decent bud. I usually know my bud, but it seems like the mids aren't doing it, and I haven't been smoking very much. Maybe I've just had enough of the low grade shit? It is ok with a vape, but I don't have the piece for it. Its not mersh, I don't fuck with that dirt, I'm just getting a shitty, weak ass high. :smoking::rolleyes::confused::(
  2. well when ever i buy mid-grade weed its ussaly better off a blunt just shotgun the dam thing and hold it in if i get high-grade weed it messes me up bad just try hotboxing with a mid-blunt i smoked a dub of dro and it got me and 3 of my freinds high for about 2 hours and 1 of us was seeing things in slow mo
  3. Hopefully I can get the wand, and tubing for less than $50.
  4. Quality > Quantity
    I'd rather have one bowl of some dank than a weeks worth of mids.:smoking:
  5. dawg im all about thwe more weed the better, rather have a ounce a shwag to make 15 blunts for $80 then pay thatmuch to make 2 kush blunts

  6. The biggest problem I see is how shady everyone usually is trying to sell dank. You have to keep such a close eye on them or they will pull a fast one as quick as they can. They try to short you, give you lower quality, run off with your money. Nothing pisses me off more that shelling out $50 and not even getting 4 grams. Then later on I feel like I got robbed because I am out of cash and bud.

  7. Consider yourself lucky. I pay 50 bucks for 3.5g of upper middish bud. No where near dank.
  8. Let's be real here, any dealer is likely to pull stunts like that.;)

  9. Not mine. I'm not like that when I sell, and I won't buy from someone again if they try to pull that shit.

  10. 80 for an 1/8th of that cali sour here in NYC
  11. I would never ever pay 80 for an 8th. That's just not worth it. No matter how expensive dank gets in your area, 80/8th means you're getting ripped. SOMEBODY will be selling it for 60/8th max.
  12. So you would rather have <.5 g of danks then a quad of Mids? :confused:

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