Qb 288 v2 expectations.

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  1. So I hear everyone saying they can pull 2 gpw with these things. My question is what's a fair estimate this light will produce in a 2x4x6 closet. I get there are a lot of variables so I'm by no means looking for exact numbers just ballpark what the light has potential to produce. It's a 240v ballast 2 panels. Thanks in advanced

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  2. Yeah that's by no means a good formula to go by but to be fair there really isn't one. The really good growers will be the ones who can pull 2.0 gpw and that has more to do with their experience than it really does the light. On top of that the strain is probably what matters the most. Every strain gives you different yields. But I'd say anywhere between 0.8-1.8 gpw is a far assumption on them
  3. They can do two, they can do less. Those variables man. Variables.. short way to say it. What people really mean is that there is way too much other stuff that has to line up. All of it important. None of it can be determined by your light or gpw.

    It’s like, once you have the light, you have a light with the ABILITY to reach those gpw goal. But the light itself won’t do it. Throwing seeds in soil and setting them under the lights, keeping them alive and fed and healthy til you chop won’t get you 2gpw without Lady Luck. You’ve got work the plants, the environment. Getting a good light will get you in the game, but you’ve gotta perform, plants got to perform.
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  4. I know theres a wide.variett of factors I just wanted to know a rough guideline 2 judge my grow off, if I'm doing good or bad I know it varies quite a bit. I'm hoping like a half p out of that.

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  5. A major factor is your method and all the work you put in. You can just plant a seed and water with light nutes keeping things natural and get a healthy plant. But it won't be anywhere near as big as a plant that you put alot of time into techniques like LST.

    Are you doing LST? Are you going to top the plant? How many times? What medium are you using? What nutrients? How often do you water/feed? What's the temp and humidity? What kind of genetics? What kind of strain? Did you screw up at all and stunt the plants growth? Auto vs Photo? How long did it veg? Etc...

    All of these things can make a difference so it's hard to make any real guesses on yield theoretically.

    2 x QB288 boards is more than enough light for that space, however you have to do alot of other things right and make few to no mistakes to get the highest yields.

    I have a single QB288(HLG135) that I am running in a 20"x36" tent with 2 Fastbuds autos that have been heavily trained and topped and my goal is 1g per watt but if all goes well I should be able to do much better.

    Topping and LST are a big factor to increasing yields IMHO. Grow bushes and spread the light evenly across the plants canopy and with that light combined with daily nutrient feeding in a medium like Coco and you will do well.

    My girls... 5 weeks old...
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  6. Very nice bro, and yes I planned on topping and training. I think more what I meant is what are the lights capable of I guess. I'm looking to prolly do scrog or something like that.

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