Q? About Lowryder#2 lighting cycle

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheOnlyWay, May 18, 2010.

  1. Since Lowryder2 starts to flower from start what lighting ratio should I use? Should I skip straight to 12/12 with a mixture of daylight & soft white ( I'm using cfl's ) lighting?
    I'd appreciate if someone could give me some direction and tips on this strain or on the lighting involved in auto flowering plants

    Thanks guys :smoking:
  2. its recomended to leave them on 20/4 the whole time, you could also do 18/6, but i wouldnt go less than 18. I use 18/6 the whole time on my autoflowers

  3. Cool thanks man I'll try both and see what difference in yield it makes , by the way do you know the thc % on Lowryder2? Thanks again bud
  4. while i dont know the exact % i have smoked my own and it got me really high, id compare it to a good haze strain, you definitely will be satisfied

  5. Dang really, ok cool thanks man. By the way, is a month of time after transplanting vegging for 18/6 then switching to 12/12 to flower enough time for good results on strains like white widow & such , I myself didn't think it was so cut n dried, one month veg one to flower???
  6. you could only veg for a month ya but ull get less bud

  7. Thought so thanks buddy
  8. lowryders automoticallly bud...hence auto strain. leave um 24 hrs and they grow like mad. they are not regular plants that need cycles.

  9. Ok thanks man so just light em all the time until there ready?
  10. actually, some autoflowers will yeild less when submitted to 24hr light. do some homework on your particular strain on here, many autoflowers seem to prefer the 20/4 scedule. they need the rest time to reduce stress.

  11. Ok thanks man. Like the signature good one lol

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