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PVC pipe bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by floatin, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I made a bong out of 2" PVC pipe, its about 2 and 1/2 feet long with the bottom of a gatorade bottle hot-glued to one end of the pipe to hold the water. about 3 inches above that, i drilled a hole for the stem and used a hollowed out marker for the stem, and stuck a socket into the marker for a bowl. everything was airtight and it hit pretty well.

    sorry, no camera so can't post pics but just wondering if there's any way you guys think i could improve it or if it sounds like a good/bad idea.
  2. I might be wrong but isnt pvc horrible to make smoking devices with?:confused:
  3. it's bad if it gets too hot. But keep the lighter away and it's fine.
  4. yeah the stem is a good 4 inches away from the pvc
  5. Id stay away from PVC all together.

    But thats just me. To his, his own...or something like that idk.
  6. to each his own* lol

    close enough.
  7. i literally made the EXACT same thing from the 2" pvc all the way to the marker and socket rips so hard like a real bong but yeah prolly cant be too healthy..considering PVC is like plastic but like..super-death
  8. i can't see it being harmful unless part of any of the plastic reaches its melting point where it can release fumes....
  9. Guys, most of your water flows through PVC pipes in homes and businesses, it's not inherently unhealthy. If you don't get the PVC hot, it's just fine to use for a bong.

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