Putting your cigarettes out.

Discussion in 'General' started by Wilsjane, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. When you are smoking at a party, or somewhere without an ashtray. Do you ever use the leg of your jeans to stub the cigarette out, or crush it inside the small front pocket.? I have seen several people doing it over the last few months, mainly on Levi's and my boyfriend has even used his leather jeans as an ashtray.
  2. Seems like it would ruin the jeans or leave the permanent smell of nasty cigs in your clothes. I wouldnt do it. If i was smoking a j (dont smoke cigs) i would just flick it on the ground
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  3. No, I can't say that I have.

    Seems like an odd choice.
  4. When I was a smoker I rubbed ash into my jeans but never put a cigarette out on them. Fuck that would just stink like ass.
  5. That is true, but I would rather have to wash my jeans after a party than damage the carpet at our friends house. It annoys me when people tread cigarettes out on the floor at someone else's house. I doubt that they would do it in their own home.
  6. First he's ashing his leg, and then he's ashing on you.
  7. She's ashing her leg.!!!!!! But you are correct in thinking that I have used my boyfriends jeans a few times when I have been wearing a skirt (that was not heavy denim or leather), I imagine that you would run for your life if you came across me with a cigarette in my hand. LOL. (Jane)
  8. Why the fuck would you put a cig out on your jeans? Just go outside and smoke like a normal person:laughing:

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