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Putting weed in the hookah

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mista Marijuana, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Who has done this? And knows how fucked up it can get you? Even though it does waste a bit of weed in the process.
  2. don't only put weed in it. mix it with shisha like 60/40
  3. I tried Hookah with Weed, one of the best combinations I ever had shit fucks you up especially when you take big hits, also you gonna get the mean cottonmouth so have water intact.
  4. if you do it make sure you mix it in good dont do layers cus something will burn on top then end up shitty in the end
  5. yes i put in sheesha i put sheesh first then sprinkle the bud on top
  6. The resin is gonna fuck up your hose.
  7. no more like the hose will fuck up my resin
  8. My buddy borrowed my hookah and smoked spice out of it. Ruined the whole hookah.
  9. i dont get how weed fucks up a hookah. is there that much more tar in weed than tobacco?

  10. Weed is called sticky for a reason
  11. I have two hoses for my hookah. One that looks dope and i take care of. Thr other that is a 2$ POS that i use for when ive got a lot of people over or when I smoke weed out of my hookah. Its cheaper to buy a shitty hose every once in awhile than replace an expensive one.
  12. Don't do it! Your hookah will die a slow and painful death!

  13. THE FUCK?! :confused: :eek:
  14. I love Hookahs but there's no way I would load dank into one, maybe some regs mixed with flavored sheesha is pretty cool, but it's not a great way to blaze imo.
  15. This is dumb. I understand the taste aspect but tabbaco is not intended to be inhaled it is verry bad for you to inhale while weed is to be inhaled to acheive a high
  16. [quote name='"phil3"']

    Weed is called sticky for a reason[/quote]

  17. If you do it right, weed won't mess up your hookah. I've been smoking my hookah with weed for years. The trick is to mix just a little in with the shisha. If you put in straight weed, yeah, you could ruin it. As long as its mostly shisha, it won't make a huge difference. You should always clean your hookah after smoking it anyway (at least run some water through the stem) so that you don't have any problems.

    As for how to mix it... A weed sandwich works best. I sprinkle bud onto a layer of shisha so that it mostly covers it and then put a thin layer of shisha on top. That lets the bud heat up more slowly and burn more evenly. It will last longer that way.

    Take big hits and hold them for a bit. The nicotine and the weed are great together.

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