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Putting Resin Balls in bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeremy Fisher, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Recently, as I've been smoking the last bowls of my remaining bud, i have scraped the tube of this homemade bowl i use right now,

    I get these little resin balls and put them in a bowl of some green, but i'm not sure if the resin carries extra THC.

    Does anyone have experience mixing resin balls with bud? Does it increase your high?
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    I've done it before why pretty shite resin lowest of the low. I just ground my bud up loads and rolled it like shit in it. So I couldn't see and more black.

    I din't really notice a difference tbh, But like I said I had wank resin.

    And yeah your resin should carry a higher amount of THC because it been there longer and has slowly built up from continuous smoking.

    I've smoked resin on it own before. And felt high so in theory you should get higher.

  3. Well when i last smoked resin with the bud, it was after i had just woken up and was 4 AM when i toked up.

    I've heard that smoking as soon as you wake up increases your high and the bowl i smoked fucked me up real good.

    It might have been caused by both smoking as i woke up with the resin in the bowl too:wave:
  4. Yeah definitely when you wake up it hits you harder. Like a smack in the face. Just save the resin for when your dry then smoke it, Only then will you know if it gets you higher.
  5. This is not questionable dudes res gets u fucked to the
    Maximum extremO just hit a grab o some super mc resters and some midgetsterz and now im shploopin mc goopin dudes
  6. you should hot knife them, doing this will get you lifted off of your ass, i still can't beleive hot knifing is not more popular, it gets you sooooooooo much higher compared to other methods

  7. Wat u mean? free basing off of a hot surface like a pocket knife??!? Never heard of hot knifin
  8. Resin does get you pretty high. I'd boil my pipe, clean it out, and filter the dirty resined water though a coffee filter and let it dry, then I'd pack my bowl with it (there was usually enough for one bowl) and torch it. Resin burns weird as fuck.

    EDIT: I didn't mix it with weed, I just smoked pure resin.
  9. Don't smoke resin, its not worth it.

    Stick to bud, and if you run out just go without. Nobody likes a fiend.

  10. I beg to differ. It is worth it if you are out, it still get's you high as fuck so there is no reason to waste it.
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    you basically heat up the tips of 2 knives off of a stove, take a tiny bit of smokable product, and touch it with one of the knives and it will stick to the knife, then take the other knife and basically sandwich the product with both knives while pressing really hard and it will create smoke which you can inhale, it is best to have sort of a funnel made with a plastic bottle to catch that smoke, in a way its kind of like dabbing, it works amazing with concentrates like budder and wax, and resin too, its efficiency level competes with a vaporizer , with bud you only need to put like .005 - .02 of the tip of the knife but a few hits will get you absolutely lifted with a low tolerance, with a higher tolerance just take more hits and trust me you will be high :smoke:

  12. I just think it is a disgusting dirty black tar like substance that has no place in my lungs and it comes across as somewhat junkie like to scrape and smoke that crap.

    However we obviously differ in our opinions so for the sake of OPs thread I will stop voicing my argument here.

    Each to his own maaan :bongin:

  13. I do respect your opinion sir:smoke:
  14. Yeah it'll make you higher haha. Just like smoking a little extra bud but this way your not wasting any more bud :)
  15. I'm currently scraping resin haha...all out of bud for a few days. It kind of makes me feel a little too desperate..but what the hell
  16. i have done that once or twice but i always feel like a junkie when i hot knife

  17. as long as you know you aren't a junkie then it shouldn't matter.

  18. Most junkies don't realise they are junkies. Hence why they are junkies. Junkie.
  19. #19 STRANGE, Aug 25, 2012
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    I haven't smoked or "craved" anything in the past two months, so I believe I am not a junkie, smartass :devious:
  20. I occasionally smoke the resin from my bowl but more recently I've noticed it makes me feel shitty in the mornings. Everyone talks about how bad resin is for you so I've decided to just go with the general census and stop smoking it.

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