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Putting Joints Out: The Right Way

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lokodis, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. #1 lokodis, Jun 15, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 15, 2013
    I looked on the web and couldn't find this tip.
    Most people just crush it or knock it out;
    I think the best way to put a joint out is putting the cherry near the tip of a lighter, barely touching, and releasing the gas.
    Try it.

  2. I'm gonna try that next time, just for kicks
  3. Put a little bit of spit on your finger and simply out it. 
  4. So it'll tastes like shit? >_< no Ty
  5. Hate when you clip a jay and then it ends up being like half of what you had before you put it out
  6. Wet my finger and dab the tip, if it doesn't work at first try it again.
  7. not comprehending what op suggested at all, can someone clarify or make a video tutorial for me?
    whoever said using a lil saliva will make it taste like shit has gotta be trolling lol, not even close

    i usually dont even bother licking my finger tho, just crush the cherry with my thumb and pointer finger, works just fine
  8. Spitting on joints or blunts or smashing the tip into the ground is weed abuse.
    Ashtrays with a lid are your best friend. Put the joint or blunt in it, ember dies immediately from no oxygen and its in the best possible condition for smoking later.
  9. Butane gas + burning ember = more fire, not less
  10. Yup. This is how I do it. 
    Know that hole where the fire comes out? Just touch the cherry of the joint on it and press the gas button(without sparking the lighter).
    Not really. The butane makes the cherry go out, it's not hot enough to make the butane go on fire.
  12. eek, burning embers near flammable gas under compression no thanks! it may be a teensy risk but im not gonna be the guy whose lighter explodes in his hand haha, just as easy to tap the cherry out on a table or with your fingers..
    but whats with this not finishing joints business anyways? imo if you started it, fuck it, smoke it all! no sense in dragging it out
  13. Haha, relax dude, the cherry doesn't make the butane go on fire, and even if it made, it would just turn the lighter on(just like the spark does).
    I don't know about you, but i often smoke alone, and usually half a joint is enough, i just put it out and smoke it one or two hours later.
  14. OP's method works.. The butane leaving the lighter is very cold which takes heat energy away from the cherry. Its also under pressure so it basically blows butane gas on the combusting end, instead of making it burn more strongly all it does is "suffocates" the cherry from oxygen by saturating the air around the cherry with butane - when combined with the cooling effect which removes the heat energy due to the gas's low temperature it puts the cherry out nicely.
    Also it will not make your lighter explode any more than lighting a gas stove does not cause your gas cannister to explode. worst case scenario is that your lighter will simply light..
  15. I let mine burn out..
  16. thanks for droppin some knowledge op, ive never done that.
  17. Why would you try and advocate this as the right way to put out a joint when in reality you are just soaking the end of your joint in butane by holding the fuel tip over the end of it to make it go out?
  18. We need an expert to verify this method. Better safe than sorry. Sounds legit though.
  19. thats what im sayin
  20. I googled, asked, binged, and.......AND......consulted my doctor. I got no answer from either one. So, my guess is that this isn't safe until further notice?

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