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Putting Bleach in Home Tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Construct, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Hey GC,

    I received a call from my dad the other day informing me that when I come back from college I will be drug tested. I get home the 7th, so I assume the test will be around the 10th. I stopped smoking on Monday I want to say.

    Now, I know without a doubt that I'm going to piss dirty and I have no intentions of trying to rapidly detox so I decided that I would tamper with the drug test. In the past my parents have used just cheapo drug tests available at CVS and whatnot so I'd assume that's what they will be using now. I've heard adding bleach to urine samples will kill the THC in the urine and give the test a false negative.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with bleaching urine and could fill me in on exactly what I'm supposed to do. How much bleach should be added? Do most home drug tests look for altered Ph levels? Should I leave the bleach sitting in the urine for awhile before putting the "tester" cap on? Any other general information/advice/tips/techniques would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Home drug test can be sent into the lab for a second test. The price for this test is included in the price of the home drug test. Plus there are now strips that will tell you if the piss has been altered.

    Get clean or somehow keep a stock of clean pee. Sorry man.
  3. Add water to your piss or get someone elses.
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  5. if your a real cheap ass and have not done this before this will work.

    SureGel (shit to make jello with)
    Big Gatoraid

    Mix 2 packs with some gatoraid, take a piss, then swig the suregel and gatoraid down.
    Piss 1 time after.
    Then take your test. Ive seen this done and work atleast 12 times, but it only works ONCE. (the irony)

    But for a sure thing, just stop a head shop and get some extra strength omnigel (25$) and a gallon of water. follow the instructions and piss 5 times. I've smoked heavily for 10 years and used this method EVERY month for 2 years while I was on state probation, so I can sit here telling u that when done properly this method never fails and is butta baby.
  6. my man, its simple

    most home drug tests only have the indicator tabs and a temperature meter. when you piss in the cup, finish, put a spash or 2 of bleach in there and shake it around, it will get very bubbly, so just knock those bubbles down with some TP or a q-tip. you'll pass with flying colors.
  7. then just get some piss from a buddy who doesnt smoke, then if you are taking the test at home go to the bathroom and just use that piss instead of yours..
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  9. if you know what brand they use, buy some of those and test out whatever you are going to try on them.
  10. dude, if you add bleach the test will show its been tampered with.
    If you think you can explain why your piss is saying its been tampered with, then go head.
    Otherwise you better get a new plan A
  11. u gonna go in by yourself i guess? If u could get someone to go in before u piss in the toilet and not flush. just scoop that up in the cup and wipe outside off or just be like sry im high and my aim is off~~~
  12. well if you look at the vial that you piss in, it doesnt hold that much, i'd say put in about a half a tablespoon to a tablesopoon, depending on how much you smoke, either way, just knock down the bubbles that form and you'll pass clean.
  13. the bleach trick works great. i did it for my test and passed easily.
  14. Edit: Bumped 2 year old thread by some dolt.

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