Putting a veg and flower tent in same area...issues with light through open passive intake?

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    So I'm going to be setting up a seperate flower and veg tent and I'd like to keep them in the same room in the basement but I have an issue. I keep 1 passive intake (the rectangular mesh intakes at the bottom) open on each tent 24/7. So my issue is that when the flower tent goes light off than the veg tent light will still be burning away and shinning out the lower open intake and the flower tent would have an open intake where that light could enter.

    I'm wondering if I were to hang a black curtain around the veg tent would that diffuse the light enough to not pose a potential problem for the flowering plants while they slept?
  2. You can certainly do that. But it might be easier just to shuffle the tents around and move them so the veg tent light isn't shining directly into the intakes on the flower tent. Regardless of what you do, I doubt much, if any, light will come in and affect much. Doesn't your tent have flaps on the inside of the mesh intakes? Or were you saying you manually keep those flaps up all the time?
  3. There is nothing worse than being a couple weeks from harvesting and realize that your plants are reverting back to veg because of a light leak.

    One cheap solution I have found is to hang tarps...  They are cheap and filter out a huge portion of the light..
  4. Thanks guys!

    Yeah I plan on angling them so the light isn't direct and also the intakes won't face each other directly.

    I leave them open all the time cause it's just easier and no hassle to make sure there is adequate fresh air exchange. I tried closing them (putting the Velcro on patch thing on) manually each night and it just seemed pointless.

    I thought if I made sure to position them so the light isn't direct and hanging a couple curtains/tarps to trap and diffuse the light the veg tent does emit enough no to seep over and into the flower tent.

    Like you said OneFreeMan I do not want to do it and than get to end of the first flower and have a shit storm of issues cause they can't figure out what's up. I'll roll with the curtains/tarps and make sure to block as much of it as possible.

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