Put the money into the tube or ashcatcher? (Help me choose a set-up)

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  1. What's up guys... so I'm wanting to buy a new tube and possibly ash catcher, and I'm wanting some help deciding. First off... is the better to have a nice ashcatcher, or a nice tube? The answer I'll probably get is "whatever your preference", but there's got to be some logic behind it... in other words, I guess, would you rather have a perc in the tube or in the a/c?

    I really like the look of a/c's on bongs and I think it gives it a nice complete look. Which is another problem... I love the look of the SYN showerhead tubes, but I don't really like the fixed stem... same problem with the SGW waffle. What do you guys think of fixed VS non stems? Again, probably preference.

    With all that said... the set up I'm leaning towards most is a straight tube SYN with a 4-arm tree SYN a/c. (see below)

    tube (may splurge $65 more for the "tall")
    SYN - 45 x 5 mm Beaker - Black & Clear Label
    SYN - 4 Arm Tree AC - 90º 14 mm - Black Label

    Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  2. wait... can you put a/c's on fixed stems? sorry guys, still learning
  3. You you can put A/C's on "fixed stems" or what would be called a stemline or stemless bongs. The A/C will be a 90 degree instead of the typical 45 degree though.

    For me stemless designs are great, it's one less thing to break. For the links you listed, that Syn beaker style bong is a great starter piece, but that A/C you linked with it is for a stemline/stemless bong.
  4. thanks for the reply man, that clears up a lot of things for me.
  5. No problem, good luck on your purchase. Post some pictures when you do get your setup!
  6. Personally I'd spend all my money on a DOPE tube. Ash catchers are cool and all but personally I enjoy using screens. They're cheap as hell and dont have to be cleaned.

    just my 2 cents
  7. I agree on spending the money on a quality tube but a A/C can be very functional as well. Keeps your tube clean, more diffusion, and cools the smoke.
  8. A/C's also add extra diffusion to a tube that otherwise has very little. But I would say get a sick tube and then buy an ashcatcher later when you have it...SYN's tubes are beautiful.


    Bought this last week and I love it. Click the picture to watch it rip.
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    It depends, how much do you want to spend in total?


    The Tube costs $110 and the A/C is $170.. If you bought a Sovereignty Stemline for around the same price in total I am sure you would be much happier with your purchase. In the future you could invest in a quality A/C if you even felt it necessary.
  10. thanks for the tips and advice everyone

    the sovereignty stemlines do look really nice... my decision is still up in the air.

    one thing about that SYN a/c I posted... I just noticed it has a built in bowl which I'm questioning... anyone have any experience with it? It sounds like something I'd definitely be iffy about.
  11. Also.. whats the word on Weed Star? Quality product or cheaply made? The ashcatchers on this site from WS (specifically the "EPIC") look really nice but with such a low price I have to question the quality. Anyone have experience?
  12. Weedstar is constructed in China I think, it's definitely not on par with sg or syn. An sg stemline would prob diffuse better than that syn+achcatcher setup. Purchase a nice bong first, you can always by an ashcatcher later.
  13. i would stick with getting a nice tube first. cuz once u get extra money later and get a matching ashcatcher or w/e your preference its always that much better. but tubes most importantest.
  14. alright thanks... sooooo NOOOOOOO to weed star lol.

    I think I'll take you guys advice and get a nice tube first and decide on a/c later.

    the stemline does look really nice but I'm not sure I'm ready to dish out $300+ on my first set-up especially just for the tube. I'd like to keep it no more than $200 maybe $250 for something that I really like the look of. I've had my eye on the SYN "tall" showerhead http://grasscity.com/scientific-glass/syn-glass/syn-tall-showerhead-black-and-clear-label.html

    I'll have to ask ALT when they're getting more in. If they don't anytime soon, what do you guys think... sovereignty stemline or SGW waffle? any other recommendations?

  15. If your going SG or SGW, you have to go SG stemline all day. SGW is just not quite up to the quality of SG and theres no way you would be unhappy with a stemline. I've owned two, and never hit a smoother piece (in my house have MGW shower, Kind creation inline to 4 arm, hvy 8 arm, and HiSi double U perc).

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