put down my dog :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MariJane402, May 17, 2011.

  1. this bowls for Riordan. RIP little love man.
  2. Damn, I'm so sorry to hear that. Putting down my dog a few months ago was the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Idk what that says about my priorities, but its the worst

  3. nah man it is tough, he was the love of my life for sure. the bond between a dog and owner is stronger than my mom and me basically.
    imma miss that lil dude.
  4. Aww poor little guy, sorry for your loss, I still remember what it felt like when my dog died in my arms, we grow to love them and they are always taken away so fast:(
  5. yea they put him down with him in my arms, it was tough but now he is in a better place. i just needa get stoned and reminisce and enjoy his memory.
  6. Ya, a combination of Dust in The Wind, gram of pot and pictures of your old dog would probably be the best combo, but in all seriousness though really sorry for your loss. It sucks when your your animal dies.
  7. I'm so sorry :( we've had to put down a couple animals and I swear to god it's the hardest thing. Hell, I cried when my hamster died....were here if you need to talk!

    (I'm a girl, btw, but it doesn't make a difference :))

  8. Beware emotional songs sometimes it could be a bit much to handle in that state. After my german shephard died that I had growing up, Wild Horses came on in the car and it brought me to tears.

    Sorry for your loss.
  9. I cried like a little baby, it hurts but I think about him less and less as life goes on. The good memories will stay with you forever.
    Also, wait awhile before you get another dog, because it is hard to get attached to a new dog when you just lost a dog you loved.
  10. Sorry to hear about your loss. Animals are the purest souls around. He's in a better place now, and he's always gonna be by your side.

    Roasting a bowl for your furry friend

  11. I know how that feels when my child-hood dog had to be put down :(. It's very sad but you'll feel better over time
  12. humans have been living side by side with dogs for thousands of years. theres something about a relationship with a dog that runs so much deeper than people and the damn things cant even talk. i understand and feel for you :/
  13. I am sorry for your loss of a true friend, but you did a very unselfish and loving thing for him by ending his pain when life could no longer bring him pleasure.

    My own kitty is sick so I may have to walk down this same path myself sooner rather than later. But no matter how long your pet has, it's always too soon and there is never enough time.
  14. thanks all. he is chasing rabbits in the good place now. maybe they even get their manhood back, i bet he is enjoying that :)
  15. Wow, sorry for that. Ive been wanting a dog all my life. My sister got a cat when she was 5, and got a dog when she was 23 (my age). Two of my cousins even got one to

    Still no dog for me...

  16. adopt yourself a life mate. soul mate. mate in general.

  17. Just go out to a pound and get one. Simple as that.
  18. Cant. Still going through school so Im living with my parents till I get all my certs. My dad hates pets for some reason

    Then I gotta find an apartment that accepts pets

  19. oh well when you are on your own, a dog or cat (i love both) is a wonderful roommate. for an apt nothing is better than a cute kitteh, if you ever get into a house, a pup indeed.
  20. Not a cat person. My grandma says shes going to get me a dog when I move out. Sadly I dont know how long its going to be.

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