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Purposely Shady Connect?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ocp1998, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Friend of mine has a situation with a connect that is kind of bugging me. Ended up with a new connect that was basically friend of a friend and picked up like 4 times from this guy.

    First pickup was cool, got a quarter and it was good bud (no seeds or anything) but no strain and not noticeably strong or tasty. Next time was a half O and it was similar quality. Third pickup is where it gets sketchy.

    Supposed to be another half O, this time of "purp dro". Immediately it looks/feels light but looks/smells good and connect swears it is right. I tell dude not to touch it, first thing in the morning we are heading to a local shop to get a scale since the bag can not be right. Drop $20 on a little scale and run home to weight it... 6 grams. Talk to connect he swears it is right, tell him scale says 6 grams, connect says it was 13, we inform dude 13 isn't a half either so he comes over and takes the purp and leaves a half O of similar to first 2 pickups so I feel he kind of made it right but dude had to call him out and he only picked up again from him because he was supposed to have had this purp good stuff. bud.

    Now time number 4 was recently and I still feeling this connect is not a cool cat, he drops off another half O that he says is good stuff, good weight, no BS, etc. I looked and it seemed like every other quality of bud he's ended up with in the past. I asked about the weight he said it was exactly 14 grams but later says that was in the bag, 12.9 grams out of the bag which I don't get why he would pay for the bag weight. Getting the run around from a connect like that is just not a good sign. I think this guy knows what he is doing and is hoping no one will notice all the corners he is cutting.
  2. You couldn't tell by looking at it that the sack was 8 grams light? Also, why are you even buying bud from him anymore?
  3. Yea i agree there are alot of dealers so i wouldnt bother w/ him anymore
  4. My friend told me the guy reassured him that it was straight that is when I told him not to touch it so we could go get a scale and I could prove it was way off. I want to convince my friend this connect is bad news, it's not just little mistakes and misunderstanding. I just think this seems odd but my buddy acts like this is just the way it is with connects.
  5. Dont mess w/ the wrong people
  6. jus stop buying, you don;t gotta go kick his face in, jus stop calling him/buying from him, keep looking for a good dealer, took me 2 years to find a stable one.
  7. This has been the way it is with erb for me since I've been in OR. Either the bag is pinched as fuck or the weed is shitty. I've already gone through over 20 different people and if it's not one thing it's another. I agree with THC it's not a good idea to fuck around. Unless you have a plan and are bringing some heat, it's something you can't half ass.

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