Purpling top buds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Inkdemongrows, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Is his a temp fluxuation issue or a nutritional issue? It’s literary just the top of some sour kush I have going (autos) and seems to have stopped trichomes and even losing some of the sugary look to its sugar leaf growing from the buds. Any experienced individuals drop a hypothesis on my issue

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  2. Post pic dude so we can see what were trying to see.
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  3. LOL

    Yeah bro...:pimp:
  4. I’m so frustrated I I smashed the phone I had updates for those grows, including my dispensary seed grows. I ended up with just under 2 ounces from it but unfortunately lost one to mold in last few weeks.

    I noticed with autos towards the later stage of flower if you keep it cold climate (tented tho) the buds produce more of a sticky bud, almost like sap oozing from them. But in all very tasty and great smoke for a noob just watching YouTube and forums guides. I have another post started y’all can check out in indoor grows.

    Thanks for offered support hope everyone’s keep they’re head up through this shit show.

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