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  1. This is about the purplr drank im from minnesota and not many people where im from drink it.
    so what i wa wondering was what are the ingrediants and where would i find them. i know the generalidea of wat should be in the drink but people have told me different things and im not quite sure

    Happy :smoking: ing
  2. lol........sizzzurp
  3. thank you but how much should i put in of each
  4. man just get some promethazine with codeine pour it up in your cup add some sprite remix some grey goose and a jolly rancher and sip n get high. i drank some with beer yesterday yacked 6times but still had a good ass time, i was leanin:yay:
  5. The orginal formular is

    2oz. of Promethzine w/ Codiene
    1 Soda
    1 Jolly rancher if you please for flavoring.

  6. fuck formulas just sip the shit and drink boozes and youll feel good.. dont drink too much

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