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  1. my plants are showing purple stems all over more near the top but still some all the way down. also the laves are turning dark and then getting crispy. whats happening?
  2. Your plant is getting old. I believe.
  3. yeah the all of mine which were getting old all have turned purple due to age are they inside or outside?
  4. More info needed for me to guess. I've a purp afgani hash plant, Mr. nice(g-13xHA), and BB jack. Theyall turn purp and blue weeks before ready to harvest.

    urfear said it w/a pic says it best.

    bbl alex
  5. its inside and they are only like 2 and half months old. also their leaves are turning yellow at the bottom and falling off?? hmm i wonder what this could be..
  6. over or under fert possible nitrogen lockout that and sometimes leaves fall off at the bottom naturally. It could be any of these, really need a pic or ph.
  7. i would test the ph level of ur soil. Run out to ur local pet store such as petco or petsmart and purchase a ph test...usually in with the fishtank stuff

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