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Purple trainwreck smells like windex

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lungs, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I got some Purple Trainwreck from a friend with a club card. It looked nice, I smelled it and I was wondering why it smelled like windex. It wasn't sprayed to make it shiny or to add weight, it was from the medical club. Does anyone know why it would smell like this?
  2. Because it was sprayed to add weight.

    Report the dispensary.

  3. It seems to me if this were the case... the place would have been reported long before now.
  4. Well it's either that, or he's delusional.

    There's no other reasonable explanation for why bud would smell identifiably like Windex.

    Unless, of course, the jars in the dispensaries used to hold the buds are washed and re-used. Then, I'd chalk that up to negligence on the hot water rinse step.

    The last possibility would be to reconsider who you're calling "friend."

    Those are your possibilities.

  5. The alternatives you've listed sound good to me...

    Maybe your buddy is yankin' your chain?

    Or perhaps you just perceive that smell as windex? do you have a second opinion it does, indeed, smell like Windex?
  6. this is kinda off subject but i had weed one time that smelled a little bit like was perfectly legit weed (i knew the grower b4 he got locked up) it was really wierd.

    but if you think that maybe the dispensary cant wash there jars just have your buddy take it back. or have someone else take the first toke....IF IT TASTE LIKE SHIT JUST QUIT
  7. trainwreck reminded me of windex, too! haha it was right on
  8. that's gonna be a new rap song

    "I got the sticky icky shit it'll make you eyes bleed, then we'll smoke the Windex shit to make um streakfree clean."

  9. Actually Marijuana can smell like windex.There are alot of strains that have a pinesol/window cleaner smell to them.

    I would of thought that a person with so much rep would know what there talking about.

    Here is alittle food for though.Did you know Marijuana CAN smell like strawberries,grapes,blueberries,oranges,ect..ect.
    I have about an 1/8th of c99 and it smells like grapefruit.Its the grapefruit phenotype.There are I think 2 other phenotypes but I may be wrong.
  10. like I wasn't sprayed. also one of my other friends, said that OG usually has that chemically, windexy smell.
  11. Especially purple trainwreck. That is a combo that could definitely smell a little strong Like windex. Not actually windex smell though. I think you just are a bit paranoid and thinkin it smells like windex when actually is a rarer weed smell.

    I have some purple diesel that smells a little odd soury like that, and could imagine trainwreck+purplekush would smell like that too.
  12. trainwreck is one my favorite strains for a while i thought that it was sprayed with something but ive smelled and smoked different versions of it in LA so im pretty sure its just how it smells. i tried something from my medical club called kushwreck which smelled STRONG kind of like pinesol. i never came across anything like that again unfortunately. but yeah i guess its slowly being confirmed that it smells good like that naturally (hopefully)
  13. I've heard Trainwreck's smell described as "Lemon Pledge" on numerous occasions. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the purple smelled like windex. It beats the hell out of some of the other smells that waft off some marijuana plants. How about rotting meat or catshit--both common.

  14. Yea iv had bud that smelled EXACTLY like lemon pledge, wasnt sprayed though
  15. There are buds that naturally smell like ammonia, I mean if you ever smelled Cat Piss (the strain lol), you would know what I was talking about.

    Smelling like windex could just be the natural smell of the bud -- thats always a possibility.

    Go past the smell, how does it look? Is there any residue on the bud? I would think windex would love some residue.

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