Purple tint to leaves, should i be worried??

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    Some of the leaves on my gal are gaining a purplish tint, probably been like this for about 5 days or so now. The tint seems to be coming in just a little little more as the days go on. There are also some purple stems. My grow specs are listed in my signature. Is this a phosphorus deficiency?? If so, any suggestions?

    Another little concern I want to throw in..New leaf growth have yellow/brown tips(the very tip, and only the tip). After some research i attributed this to heat stress maybe??

    Temperature ranges from 70F(lights out) to about 82F(lights on).
    I do not know the pH. I water with plain distilled water for every watering, including my tea mixtures(tea mix only contains Happy Frog Fruit and Flower with 1/2 teaspoon of molasses per gallon). I water till runoff, approx. 32oz of runoff or more every watering.

    Let me know if anymore info is needed, here is a pic of the symptoms..purplish tint on leaves and some yellown/brown tips.


    This is day 39 of her life, expected manufacturer harvest is 55 days.
  2. Phosphorus def....could be locked out due to improper pH.

    I wouldn't up or down your "P" levels until you know where your pH is...for soil you need it around 6.5
  3. Do i need to wait till my next watering to test pH or can i test the soil directly?
  4. What I would do is pH plain water to 6.5 and pour it through, then see what the pH of the runoff is. Is it's out of whack, you can then correct it by flushing with pH corrected water. Then feed. But that will take a while because you want to allow the soil to dry out completely. Your plant looks pretty good other wise.

    Have you noticed slower bud development since the onset of the discoloration?

    Burnt leaf tips mean your using too strong of nutes...Ya need to add less to lower the ppm.
  5. I want to say i have noticed slower bud development, but then again this is my first grow... I will have to test pH a couple days from now. On a side note, she is still drinking regularly, drying the soil out in about 3 days.
  6. any suggestions on a relatively cheap pH meter? ~20$ or less

    Im still thinking my pH is fine though, Happy Frog Fruit and Flower fertilizer is pH balanced, as is FF ocean forest soil... I have read that molasses lowers pH a bit, but i only add one teaspoon/gal
  7. anyone else think this is a phosphorus def. ?
  8. bump.....anyone else think this is a phosphorus def. due to pH lockout?? Complete newb in serious need of help plz.
  9. 6.2 ph water cleansing just till the color of your nutes (pink normally) runs clear. For me would be 1 gallon water to a 5 gallon bucket cleans mine as I water every 3rd time with 6.2 ph water and 3 tablespoons per gallon hydrogen peroxide 3% solution as it helps the roots to cleanse. Than start your nutes back at 3/4 what you were using
  10. thx smurf, does the peroxide change the water pH significantly? or should i not worry about it
  11. Add the peroxide b4 or after you ph it's not going to affect the reading
  12. That hydrogen peroxide should only be used to treat root rot or mold as it will also kill the good bacteria in your soil.
  13. Wow you are misinformed big time I'd read and either use the method or not comment. Now to treat root rot you would use more wouldn't you? Yes you would. He's simply breaking the salts down and cleaning the roots. But do put the pipe down click the mouse off the porn and get informed!
  14. As soon as I get home I'll go to a few sites and copy and paste info for you on this from each side of the river :)
  15. It's your grow, do as you wish. However, you are the misinformed one my friend.

    "Soil should have the beneficial microbes (bacteria) intact for optimal plant health. There is a saying in the organics field "feed the soil, not the plant". Properly constructed soils,combined with actively aerated compost teas (AACT's), will feed your plant without having to fertilize constantly. As said above, molasses is your friend.......it provides the carbohydrates that feed the microbes, the microbes release exudes which fertilize the plant.

    When you introduce h2o2 into the equation, those beneficial microbes are put out of business, and the natural feeding cycle is interrupted. H2o2 works wonders to thwart root disease, and in a hydroponic environment is a great way to keep reservoirs pathogen free."

    By the way, stop with the childish insults. It makes you sound as if you're 15.
  16. No I'm 6 lmao like you said grow your porn way I'll grow mine but than again my crop was just tested so I got numbers to back my grow up. 16.97 1.25 1.56 this is a strain I made with my pops. if your a great and all mighty grower I wanna know your numbers. Like I said when I'm off my iPhone I'll copy and paste a counter to your comment! I hate retards who smoke a gram and know it all.
  17. Do you even look at what you're typing? When did I claim to know it all? Jesus, arguing with children is frustrating and pointless. This is common sense and has nothing to do with marijuana specifically. H2O2 kills bacteria. Your soil NEEDS some bacteria to be as healthy and efficient as possible. Congratulations on your successful grow, but I bet you were successful DESPITE the fact that you constantly used hydrogen peroxide, not because of it.
  18. Ok let me put it a little more into a level you can understand lmao he has nute lockout and is taking in more of some nutes than others which is bad not good. Still following along or you need a dot to dot he's going to cleanse his soil and restart at neutral. Than after it's ready to be watered he's going to start with 3/4 of his nute mix he was using. How hard is that for you to understand? Really hard I guess. I didn't tell him to water like me I just told him to clean his soil and start fresh it's not going to kill the plant he's adding stuff to his mix that will replace what the peroxide kills within a few days hence my comment "you'll see an improvement in a few days" you keep countering so I said you must know it all so what sue me
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    Your a fu$&ing new grower shut the fuc& up and go ask more questions lmao damn one gram know it alls

    Please keep your posts respectful. We like to keep a chill vibe here without the insults. Mat369
  20. I refuse to argue with someone of your maturity level. If you would like to debate this, I would be more than happy to. Unfortunately, by the looks of your lack of punctuation and grammar, it wouldn't be much fun or much of a challenge. Have a wonderful day and congratulations on your 19th post. ;)

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