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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by HookedonChronik, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hows it goin fellow stoners. Im just starting to see my sensimilla. This is my first grow however. My one Indica plants stem is turning purple towards the bottom and on the stems of the fan leaves. Im sure its not a sign of chronic. If anyone has some useful tips to help me save my chronik let me know asap!!!!!!!!
    p.s I have 3 four month plants in a 15 gallon bucket i need to replant but its difficult.

  2. Yeaaahhhhhppp. Waition for a reply lollx
  3. If the leaves are looking healthy and the plant looks healthy, it's just more of a rare genetic phenotype in marijuana. In some strains, the stems turn purple, the buds my turn purple, the leaves may turn purple, and sometimes in rare cases, the whole plant is purple.

    Another reason why might be because you're temps are too low at night. Make sure it's around 75-78F constantly.

    If it's healthy and in the right temps, then it's genetic and don't worry about it effecting the quality of your buds.
  4. Most probable in my experience is stress.
    I cut them I LST them they go purple.
    Also, P-def and temp swings may do this.
    No worries if the plants do well for the rest, very common 'symptom'.

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