purple stems?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WaterBongToker, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. on one of my plants the stems are turning a dark purple but not the whole plant what does it mean?
  2. Could be a nute deficiency,K potassium,or it could just be genetics.
  3. Depends, how old are they? If their about a month old its probally the strain characteristics. I love purple plants!
  4. well they are well over a month old actually they are about 4 1/2 months old. i am using schultz expert bloom plus which is a 10-60-10 fertilizer, which i know nothing about fertilizers. but i am guessing that it is getting all the "good stuff" that my plants need.so i dont know if it is a nute problem or not. i put them into flowering a little late (meaning that they are a little to tall) 2 are almost 4 foot tall the other is about 3 foot tall. they are all flowering only about 2 weeks into 12/12 there are two with about 20-30 flowers and the other one only has about 10. i read in a grow guide that if i cut the hours of light to 8-10 hours a day that they will bud much faster, but i want the biggest yeild possible, so i am afraid that it will shorten the yeild. if i leave it on 12/12 how long on average will it take to form any buds? ive asked this question befor but i either didnt get a reply or not a straight answer. i have no clue what strain they are. i am also using two floresent lights about 4 foot long(cool white fluros) can anyone predict anything for me

    thanx for your help.
  5. Even with just flouros the you should be noticing some buds by now...but only using flouros for flowering I would have to say you would only get an Oz or less from each plant...even though they are that tall. If you want a decent harvest get an HID preferably an HPS in there asap.

    I grew some bagseed that had purple stems...it's most likely just the strain, but someone told me it might've been from the temp being too cold.

    If you don't get an HPS you definately need more flouros, warm whites.

    If you decide not to get an HPS leave it on 12/12. 12/12 is the best lighting for flowering.

    BTW...you're using the same ferts I use...Start flushing a couple weeks before harvest so that you don't taste chemicals when you smoke it.
  6. well i dont think i can afford any more lights on my electric bill cuz the 2 fluros and now that it is winter the heater, which really dont keep my grow room warm, but i have a black light will that work if i use it with my fluros? or could i use regular house lights?
    thanx for your words of wisdom
  7. Regular incandescent household bulbs and blacklights will not work for growing.

    A couple flouros will leave the same amount on your electric bill as leaving the bathroom light on all day.
  8. you really only need poting soil for plant food.that purple look ,check that water ph ph ph ph,,,....ph ph...and soil temp=easier to keep small containers warm,also get them off that cold floor use strofoam coolers for containers to put in.
  9. HPS is cheaper to run the floros. if you have 2 40 watt floros or 1 70 watt hps the HPS would be cheaper to run. your talking .07 of a kw per hour dont sweat it it wont show up on your bill at all!
  10. im going to get a hps light wednsday when i get paid. i was putting a electric heater by the closet there for a couple days and the stems were turning green again, but the wiring in this house is all f***ed up and it kicks the breaker off. them coolers would be good if they made them about four and a half feet tall. this is my first grow and ive been looking at pics but they dont show where the buds are coming from? mom said they come from the flowers but i thought they came from somewhere on the stalk?
  11. Lots of plants have purple stems. No big deal. However, sometimes it indicates phospherus or magnesium defiecency. Don't worry about it. Just keep looking after it. She'll be fine. Just turn your plant daily for equal lighting. The plant is tuff and will grow no matter what you do.

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