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Purple stems on seedlings.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by masterlights, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. A few of my babies i have noticed have purple stems.Not in the leaf itself but from the base of the leaf to the main stem.Not all have it just some have a slight tint of purple.

    Is this normal.My temps/humidity have been good the whole 2 weeks and i havent started feeding em yet.Any ideas??
  2. Start feeding them. Probably wanting some N and P. But go very light. Start with 1/4 or less of the recommended dosage. Then build up as needed.
  3. :wave: High there, some plants just have purple stems, its in their genes.

    Good luck
  4. The purple stems is caused by low temps..
  5. Guess what's in my jeans lol
  6. One would hope it isn't a purple stem :rolleyes:
  7. the temps arent low though.during the day its at 77-81 and at night low 70's.the humidity has been 55-65%.

    Their at 2 weeks and 2 days right now and i just transplanted em from my deep cell instert propagation greenhouse to 1 gal pots with equal parts roots organic,coco,light warrior.i guess i ll give them a light dose tommorow.

    when they want n and p do their stems turn purple???
  8. Sometimes fan leaf stems will turn purple and the rest of the stems wont...thats usually when its just genetics....other times the stems will turn purple due to lacking n or p and the plant sucks the n or p out of the stem to support new growth....like toledo said id start with 1/4 strength nutes for about 5 days then slowly increase as the plant starts to get bigger
  9. ok thanks for the help guys.when i had em in my propagation greenhouse i didnt notice any purple on the stems..if some had em it was very faint.I could tell though they were sucking up the nitrogen out of the soil in the tray though bc the leaves started to faintly show yellowing..didnt have me worried though bc i knew atleast they were eatin up.

    i transplated them 2 days ago and the purple on the stems seem to get more noticable.

    if their only 2 weeks and 2 days old is it safe to start the 1/4 strength say tommorow???

    I cant water to much bc i dont want to overwater em..so if i do feed em it will be a very little watering.i sprayed the already moist medium before the transplant and my moisture meter goes to about 1/4 to halfway.

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